21 February 2014

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Know 5 questions asked by Arvind Kejriwal to Narendra Modi

Know 5 questions asked by Arvind Kejriwal to Narendra Modi

Arvind Kejriwal asked the following questions to Narendra Modi

What amount of money are you spending for your election campaign and where does it come from?

What relationship does your party and you share with Mukesh Ambani?

If BJP forms the government, will Mukesh Ambani be given $4/unit or $8/unit for gas?
"You are a Prime Ministerial candidate, but why are you still quiet over the issue. A common man wants to know whether if your party forms government and you become the Prime Minister, would you bring down the gas price from $8 per unit to $4."

Parimal Nathwani, group president of Relaince went to Rajya Sabha on BJP ticket. Will Modi tell how that happened?

According to reports, it is being said that Mukesh Ambani is funding your rallies, Kejriwal added, asking Modi to clarify if it is true.

Kejriwal alleged that the UPA government is being run by Mukesh Ambani and if Modi comes to power, would his government be also run by the Reliance Industries Chairman?

You in your speeches talk about bringing back the money from Swiss banks, but the Ambani brothers have money in these banks. If you have good relations with the Ambanis and if they fund you, then would you bring back the black money?"

Below question is for Narendra Modi and Rahul Gandhi

Both Modi and Rahul use helicopters and private jets in India and abroad. Whose are these? Do they pay for them?
Do you use these helicopters for free or do you pay for them? 

Both Congress and BJP opposed filing of FIR by Delhi ACB on Mukesh Ambani. Why so?

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Friday, February 21, 2014

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Destination Infinity February 21, 2014  

Why single out Reliance? Many top corporate companies are secretly funding political campaigns in exchange for benefits. This is an open secret and it happens across the world, not just in India. In some places like US, this has been legalized, but that still doesn't mean that the practice is correct.

It's a fundamental flaw of democracy - How does a candidate reach his message to millions of people without a substantial amount of money? And how does he/she get so much money?

There is definitely some transparency needed in this matter - it not only benefits the country, but it also benefits the concerned politicians as they will not be forced to give away benefits that they deem unfair, later on.

I'd like to see politicians take the lead here and voluntarily disclose the sources of income and the benefits they will offer later on, so that things will be slightly more fair. Why give the upper hand to corporate companies, unnecessarily?

Destination Infinity

DWei February 22, 2014  

Even if he answers, we have no idea if he's actually telling the truth.