06 February 2014

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India to give Visa on Arrival to 180 countries except 8

India to give Visa on Arrival to 180 countries except 8

India will extend the visa-on-arrival facility to all countries except eight with effect from September.

India currently offers visa-on-arrival to tourists from 11 countries

Government on Wednesday cleared two initiatives: visa on arrival and electronic travel authorization [ETA] for all countries except 8

Government decided to extend visa-on-arrival to tourists from 180 nations.

List names of 8 Countries which will not be given facility of Visa on Arrival







7)Sri Lanka


To begin, around 26 airports in the country will have the infrastructure to provide the facility.

Currently, a trial run for providing e-visas is underway for 140 countries.

The extension of visa-on-arrival and electronic travel authorization to citizens of 180 countries will be implemented initially at nine airports including Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Cochin, Hyderabad, Goa and Trivandrum.

Tourists will just have to a fill a simple form and pay the prescribed fee, after which they will be issued electronic travel authorization within three days.

On arrival in India, a simple biometric identification will be done at the airport.

To extend stay beyond 30 days, the tourist will have to get another visa from the embassy.

Electronic travel authorization [ETA] will allow foreign travelers to apply for a visa from home and receive an online confirmation in five working days.

Why government has decided to allow citizens of 180 countries visa on arrival

Reasons –

To boost travel Industry
More travelers means more American dollars for India

It is a good step by government of India

Just by giving VOA it will not change much

India needs to develop Infrastructure

India needs to teach Indian people not to spit or pee on roads  which is common scene

India needs to educate Indian Police officers how to handle foreign tourist, mainly foreign females

India needs to follow examples of Develop world and should give them all facilities which they enjoy in other developed countries

Its good step by Congress hope BJP and AAP support it

Reality views by sm –

Thursday, February 06, 2014

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DWei February 06, 2014  

That's weird, wonder why Sri Lanka is on that list.

Destination Infinity February 06, 2014  

Yes, it's a good step. I don't think any political party will oppose such positive steps that brings more revenue to the country. I guess these decisions are taken at the executive level (tourism dept) and approved by concerned ministers. It's good to see that the Indian tourism department and Ministry has a good working relationship. Other departments/ministries should also try to follow this example.

Destination Infinity

Destination Infinity February 06, 2014  

At the same time, we should also ensure that foreigners are not given a free hand in things like distributing/selling recreational drugs that they may bring with them, etc. This is already banned in India and we should ensure that security departments enforce this effectively. In places like Goa, this rule is openly flaunted because of the presence of huge no. of foreign tourists. When we allow such things to happen, the uniqueness of the Indian culture, which foreigners primarily come to see, is lost.

Destination Infinity

rudraprayaga February 06, 2014  

They should be made aware about our culture which should not be replaced by a mixture of cultures and special security for women-molestation is common here- is a priority.Thank you for the info.

deeps February 07, 2014  

Such a gigantic leap….