04 February 2014

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AugustaWestland Scam Court List reveals names of Top 7 Indian Politicians

AugustaWestland Scam Court List reveals names of Top 7 Indian Politicians including PM agents wanted to pay bribes

Augusta Westland is an Italian Company

In India Indian government is trying 2 Italian Marines for murder
In this case India promised that they will not be tried under sections in which punishment will be capital punishment

But suddenly India took the decision and decided to charge them under sections in which Marines can be given capital punishment

This background has now become very important for Indian citizens as well Italian citizens

http://www.ilfattoquotidiano.it  the website reported what is happening in this case its Italian website

The trial in this case is going on in Honorable Italian Court

The prosecutor in this case showed a list of personalities in New Delhi on which the Italian industrial group wanted to pressures ranging [Commission or Bribes] from Sonia Gandhi's right-hand man to Prime Minister Singh

According to a document in the file of the Prosecutor of Busto Arsizio, there are politicians in India who took millions in bribes from Finmeccanica's Augusta helicopter for the job in 2010.

The letter that could complicate relations between the two countries publish the next and was found in the villa on Lake Lugano in the Italian consultant resident in Switzerland, Guido Ralph Haschke, accused of corruption along with the former president of Finmeccanica Giusppe Bears and other consultants and managers, on charges of having paid € 30 million in bribes to public officials to promote company Agusta Westland in the race to win the contract of AW101 helicopters.

In April 2012 The Italian investigators when raided house of haschke they found a suitcase full of documents that the consultant Piedmontese origin had left there, convinced that his Swiss citizenship was a shield against the intrusiveness of the police

The first paper fell from pm January 9, is in English and reads: " March 15, 2008 . For the attention of Mr. Peter Hulett (sales manager of AgustaWestland in India Ed.)
Dear Peter , because Mrs. Gandhi is the driving force behind the VIP (ie the elicoitteri prepared to transport the Indian authorities that they had to be purchased by the government paying to Agusta 556 million Ed) , she will no longer fly with the MI-8 (the old Russian helicopter fleet governmental Sonia Gandhi used and still use some Indian personalities , Ed.) Mrs. Gandhi and his close associates are the people to whom the High Commissioner (Ambassador of Great Britain: Agusta Westland is also British, En) should aim. “After this reference to Sonia Gandhi as the “driving force " followed by the list of public figures to put in the viewfinder diplomat , at the request of Agusta .

The letter would not be embarrassing if it were not for the petitioner Mitchell has been involved, according to the prosecutor, the payment of bribes and is now quiet in Dubai.

The list is impressive:
1) Manmohan Singh (Prime Minister of India, En)
2) Ahmed Patel (political secretary of Sonia Gandhi Ed)
3) Pranab Mukherjee (President of India in 2012, in 2008 foreign minister Ed)
4) M. Veerappa Moily (Minister of Energy, En)
5) Oscar Fernandes (Minister of Transport, En)
6) MK Narayanan (Governor of Bengal, Ed)
7) Vinay Singh (Chief of the Indian Railways, Ed.)

The list of personalities to suggest ambassador ends with an abrupt “Christian greetings."

The Fusco pm , after having shown the letter with the name of Sonia Gandhi and Ahmed Patel, his collaborator narrow, January 9 , he dropped the second card : the list of bribes , already identified in a previous hearing last December but not connected to the second document in that forum (AP was thought to be Popular Alliance , the name of the party) .

The list , written in ink by Haschke , dictation Mitchell according to the story of the Swiss mediator , is divided into four parts, each with a code corresponding to a category of corrupt officials. AF stands for Air Force , 6 million ; BUR , ie bureaucrats who should be 8.4 million , then the POL , ie politicians , to which must be 6 million of which € 3 million to a mysterious AP . Fusco puts under the noses of the two documents Haschke , "Dr. Haschke , but according to her , the AP of three million referenced in the memo Mitchell manuscript is Ahmed Patel 's letter? " . Haschke replies: "I too would come to his own conclusions, but to me Mitchell did not say and I do not know." The prosecutor shows one of several photos of Patel next to Sonia Gandhi. And who is required to Haschke Patel. The Swiss-Italian insists: " I only know Sonia Gandhi ." The legal representatives of the Indian government present at the hearing have jumped on the chair.

Below is a letter which mentions names

I am not aware that anyone has taken bribe in India
All Indian politicians are very clean , cleaner than Gods, they never take bribes , thus in this case also no one has taken a bribe

The Story is published by Italian Media and papers

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Tuesday, February 04, 2014

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rudraprayaga February 04, 2014  

Indian politicians can never be clean.Their synonym itself is corruption. Thank you, for the info.

Renu February 04, 2014  

nothing happens whatevr they do:(