20 February 2014

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1.94 lakh MT food grain wasted by Government between years 2005 to 2013

Moe than 1.94 lakh MT food grain wasted by Government between years 2005 to 2013

Right to information query revealed that As much as 1, 94,502 metric tonnes of food grain worth crores of rupees was wasted in India due to various reasons between 2005 and March 2013.

The Food Corporation of India (FCI) has given this information in reply to an RTI query sought by a city-based activist Om Prakash Sharma.

The reply provided details of the region-wise and commodity wise stock accrued as non issuable (damaged) for each of the years separately for the 23 regions in the country.

The damaged stock which stood at 95,075 MT in 2005-06 came down to 3,148 MT in 2012-13. The wastage was at 25,353 MT in 2006-07, 4,426 MT in 2007-08, and 20,114 MT in 2008-09, the report said.

It also said that of the damaged stock, around 84 per cent (1, 63,576 MT) was rice and 14 per cent wheat (26,543 MT).

Punjab with a total damage stock of 98,200 MT recorded 50 per cent of the total damages, while Maharashtra recorded a total of 20,067 MT of damaged stock, accounting for 10 per cent of the total loss, the report added.

Why it was wasted?

The reason is simple Politicians are not interested in development of India they are interested in increasing their own  bank balance bank balance of  their friends and businessmen who help them

What will happen if they distribute the food grain to poor families free of cost?

We do not have infrastructure or storage houses to store the food grain

Did you realized in this that government willingly did not reveal this, we Indian citizens came to know this because someone filed RTI application

Government has no responsibility to inform citizens what is happening in country

We need to change this and bring a reform which will make it mandatory for each government department what they are doing and how much losses they are incurring and because of whom

No Accountability results in wastage of everything

Cannot even save the food grain they say India will become super power

Cannot even build a military truck and they say India will become super power

Cannot even build storage houses for food grain and they say India has progressed

They don’t even feel shame when they say all this

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Thursday, February 20, 2014

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Kirtivasan Ganesan February 21, 2014  

JDR must have tagged things and people. By the way what is government? Gandhiji and Gandhi family have sacrificed so much.

Usha March 30, 2014  

that is so much waste of food grains over almost one decade...This should have been checked several years ago..how they continued to waste grain for almost a decade?

If there are no proper storage facilities then load it in trucks and planes and supply to poor starving people in remote areas of India.

No action taken and loss of grains continued...too bad news.