18 January 2014

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Law Minister Case Result End of AAP Popularity End of Dreams of Aam Aadmi

Law Minister Case Result End of AAP Popularity End of Dreams of Aam Aadmi

No one has got authority to order to do illegal duties

If Crime was happening why then the sting operation was not done

A Female got harassed because of this incident

Without proof how one can say a lady was prostitute

Without Proof how one can say that female is involved in drugs

This was never expected from the AAP Party

Common man was expecting and still expecting that Arvind Kejriwal will become the Prime Minister of India and Indian citizens will get Jan Lokpal Bill

Indian citizens will get Police Reforms

What are the duties of Law Minister?

Under which law AAP Party is asking that Police officer be suspended

Which law says that a politician Minister can order a Police officer on telephone or orally

Today you are asking arrest, tomorrow you will ask do not arrest our party workers

AAP is going same way the way of BJP, Shiv Sena and Congress

If Law Minister is upset he should file a case in court of law

Why demand Suspension of Police Officer

Best option for AAP Party is that forget the incident

Otherwise the incident will boom rang on AAP party and result will be end of Aam Aadmi Party dreams

We must remember that No Prostitute was found there

No drugs were found there

Last question why Sting was not done instead Police officer was ordered orally by a Minister

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Saturday, January 18, 2014

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Renu January 18, 2014  

AAP people are in hurry and getting arrogant..both the things dont bade good for their existence..

Rama Ananth January 18, 2014  

Yes AAP is getting really out of control. They are shielding corrupt minister and they have corrupt, greedy members like Binny , and they have irresponsible leaders like Kumar Vishwas and others like him who shoot off statements without thinking. Success has gone into their heads. They had better watch out!

Dr.Shobha Shrivastava January 19, 2014  

Oh ! please ... No one with sane mind is looking up to Kejriwaal as PM. A clueless , ideologically poor party. Utterly disaapointed

Anonymous,  January 20, 2014  

They agitatedto free the cbi from political interference, now they themselves want to interfere the police. Ridiculous.