13 January 2014

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Haryana Government acquires 1300 acres 4 crops a year land for Nuclear Plant

Haryana Government acquires 1300 acres 4 crops a year land for Nuclear Plant

Haryana government has acquired more than 1300 acres of prime fertile agriculture land for the
Nuclear plant with a capacity of 2,800MW on Monday in Fatehabad district of Haryana.

The area is home to many wildlife species like blackbucks and blue bulls. Although at present majority of the farmer have been compensated for their land, none of them has been rehabilitated or resettled because the land was acquired as per the imperial law of 1894.

The land acquired by government is extremely fertile and can produce four crops a year.
The land acquired by Haryana government has a formidable canal irrigation system connected with Bhakhra Nangal dam

Germany a great nation is saying and trying to say bye bye to nuclear plants

Europe is going same way

Japan is going same way

America has not started new nuclear plants

Why only Indian politicians are trying and dying hard to start open new nuclear plants dependent on foreign technologies

Sandeep Pandey, social activist and Raman Magsaysay Award winner, had joined hands with farmers protesting against Haryana government for acquiring their land in 2012.

Let us Hope AAP will join the protects and say that if they come into power they will recheck all the documents if required  give them new land a land which is not fertile or even cancel the project

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Monday, January 13, 2014

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Destination Infinity January 13, 2014  

Rooftop solar energy can become a viable alternative to nuclear energy. Free space on the top of buildings (including govt. buildings) can be used for installing solar panels and these can be connected to the grid - AP & TN have already enabled this. Besides, waste-land should be used for energy generation, as far as possible. Not farm-land.

Destination Infinity