23 January 2014

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Future of AAP, What Arvind Kejriwal needs to do is he becoming PM Manmohan Singh

Future of AAP, Arvind Kejriwal becoming PM Manmohan Singh 

In PM Manmohan Singh cabinet there are were many accusations on his ministers but cabinet of PM Manmohan Singh and he himself never took the action on his ministers who were accused of misconduct or a crime.

Yogendra Yadav made Arvind Kejriwal a CM of Delhi

Now Yogendra Yadav can become the CM of Haryana but it seems Arvind Kejriwal and his cabinet is going on a path where they will not even win a single seat outside Delhi

This way Yogendra Yadav will never become a CM

Yogendra Yadav is respected by everyone including myself

AAP is a same party which opposed judicial probe now AAP party is hiding behind Judicial Probe like other parties 

Yogendra Yadav  needs to threaten to  Arvind Kejriwal suspend or I am leaving party or forget about dreams of becoming Haryana CM

Now in AAP party law minister Somnath Bharati is accused of crime and misconduct and now CM Arvind Kejriwal is not taking any action on him

AAP party got Police officers to go on leave but what about Law Minister who led a mob at night time, FIR is registered against him etc.

Now this case will  decide  that Arvind Kejriwal and AAP party is different or similar to Congress and BJP

This case will decide AAP is going the Shiv Sena way or Congress way

Citizens supported and voted for AAP thinking that AAP is a party will which will bring reforms

But with current actions we can see that AAP is not interested in Jan Lokpal bill neither it’s interested in reforming  government departments in Delhi

If this continues and AAP does not improve soon the wave created by AAP will end and AAP won’t even win a single Lok Sabha seat outside Delhi

Arvind Kejriwal and AAP fought for wrong reasons 

Now everyone is looking at 

When AAP is going to pass Jan Lokpal Bill?

When AAP is going to suspend Law Minister?

Law Minister is guilty or not
It will be decided by Court
It should not be decided by Arvind Kejriwal

Arvind Kejriwal must respect the law, Constitution

As a Delhi CM bring the reforms in Delhi government and show what you can do as a CM

Bring Administrative Reforms

Bring Jan Lokpal Bill

Demand Freedom for Delhi Police and Bring Reforms for Delhi Police

If you cannot do this then resign from the post and join Anna Hazare again

Or Result will be India will get another Manmohan Singh in a new Avatar called as Arvind Kejriwal

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

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Destination Infinity January 23, 2014  

Relax SM. Give that party sometime - they are new. We gave so many years for other parties but want to judge the new party within days of formation of Govt. It's not fair.

Destination Infinity

deeps January 23, 2014  

thats far away cry

Rama Ananth January 24, 2014  

If given more time, these hooligans would ruin the country. They are fit only to agitate, they are totally unfit to govern. They have only riff raffs joining their party, and they have a handful of riff raffs who don't even know what they are speaking or doing, in a civilised country.
They have proved that they are no different than the Congress or the BJP, or any other political party. It is so easy to critisise from outside, but when you are in the government it is so difficult to face the same criticism. WALK THE TALK AAP or LEAVE.
Never hide behind the same old excuses. Both Anna and his team and Kejriwal has lost people's faith.
How we were all fooled.