06 January 2014

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Effects of AAP Arvind Kejriwal on coming Lok Sabha Elections 2014

Effects of AAP Arvind Kejriwal on coming Lok Sabha Elections 2014

No one thought that a common man Arvind Kejriwal, Aap will win 28 seats in Delhi assembly elections

No one thought AAP will form minority government and Arvind Kejriwal will become Chief Minister of Delhi

Indirectly this started a journey of AAP towards a party which will become a king maker in coming Lok Sabha elections and will decide who will become the Prime Minister of India

AAP means honesty
AAP means eradication of corruption from India
AAP means Jan Lokpal bill, strong Lokpal for the benefit of India and Indian citizens
AAP means Common man you and me

Many people said that Arvind Kejriwal broke promise when he was thinking to shift to 5 room duplex flat

But same time they did not   thought that other chief Ministers in India stay in a bungalows which are spread in 3 to 6 acre land and more

What is reason you expect and want nothing from other Chief Ministers but When Arvind Kejriwal does something you get a microscope and try to find faults in him

For me its Indian tendency not to allow others to climb a wall

AAP Lok Sabha Plans -
The party’s nationwide membership drive will be held from January 10 to 26 and people can get themselves enrolled without the token fee of Rs 10 charged earlier.

Interested candidates can file their nominations online or in person via the respective party units by January 15.

The party has decided to launch national membership drive “Main Bhi Aam Aadmi”.

Party will release the first list of candidates between January 15 and 20 and the list of remaining candidates by February 15.

However, even after January 15, the party will continue considering applications from deserving upright candidates

A three-member committee comprising Gopal Rai, Yadav and AAP general secretary Pankaj Gupta would oversee the entire work.

The party will contest from all Lok Sabha seats in Delhi and Haryana.
In Haryana, it will also field candidates on all 90 Assembly seats under the leadership of senior AAP member Yogendra Yadav as a candidate from Gugaon.
Yadav is apparently the party’s chief ministerial choice for the state.

AAP will not contest all 545 seats in the Lok Sabha elections

AAP will try to contest elections from maximum number of seats exact number is not revealed

Effects - 

From this AAP just needs to win 30 to 50 Lok Sabha seats in coming Lok Sabha elections

Everything will depend on AAP Manifesto for 2014 lower house elections

Before AAP citizens of India got only one option to choose a one side of coin BJP or congress

But now citizens got two rights right to reject and AAP

It’s not difficult for AAP to win 30 to 50 seats in coming Lok Sabha  elections

If this happens everything will change in Indian politics forever

All regional parties will start to think to go national and become a national party

We saw that when AAP won elections in Delhi, immediately Congress and BJP indirectly united and passed the Lokpal [Joke pal] bill.

They passed the bill thinking that it will help stop the spreading of AAP in India.

If Aap win 30 seats in elections then also it will become King Maker as everyone will approach them

This is where AAP faces big problem and danger from other political parties who will use money power and will try to break AAP party

It will become difficult for Congress or BJP to form government

And it’s possible that AAP will become a king maker or even someone from regional party will become Prime Minister of India or Arvind Kejriwal

It may happen that first time Congress will support BJP from outside and BJP will form the government

Win of AAP will change or shift caste and religion based politics to politics of national policy and honesty

I hope CM Arvind Kejriwal will change his mind and will contest  in Lok Sabha election
as every seat is important for AAP

I hope soon AAP will declare Arvind Kejriwal as a PM candidate 

It will be a great contest between Modi and Gandhi and Kejriwal

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Monday, January 06, 2014

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Renu January 06, 2014  

I just wish that AAP remains focused on honesty and development.....instead of trying to be kingmaker or anything else..

Destination Infinity January 07, 2014  

I wish other parties become more transparent and less corrupt, at least after seeing what happened in Delhi. They should put systems in place that doesn't allow corrupt politicians to contest under their party-banner.

Destination Infinity