20 January 2014

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AAP Arvind Kejriwal to sit on agitation for wrong cause suspension of police

AAP Arvind Kejriwal should fight for Police Reforms not to make Police their own servants

Everyone knows what is happening in a case of Law Minister

Law minister made a mistake

Now AAP is demanding suspension of police involved in that case

Why AAP is demanding suspension

Reason is simple, the police does not obey and behave like the servants of a Chief Minister and his minister

Currently in India in every state Police works as the private force of a ruling political party
They obey them and they do anything ordered by a politician

Now AAP is demanding same in Delhi

So what change will happen, Today CM is Arvind Kejriwal and Tomorrow CM will be Arvinder Lovely

And Delhi Police will remain the servant of a politician just like other states

What AAP needs to fight for?

AAP needs to demand Police Reforms

Currently Delhi Police is controlled by Union Government

Now Arvind Kejriwal and AAP is demanding make the Delhi Police their servant not the Servant of Union Government

Its wrong demand and common man does not support this demand

Delhi Police needs to be liberated from the hands of Indian politicians

Delhi police needs freedom

AAP should try and bring the administrative reforms in Police

AAP should demand and bring Police Reforms

AAP should give freedom to police force of Delhi

AAP should bring a police reforms bill for Delhi and should fight for that
Police Reforms Bill should have 2 points mainly

1 –
Appointment and Transfer Board for Delhi Police constituting retired Judges

2 –
Police Complaint Board – Where any Delhi resident  can compliant to them that no action was taken on his FIR – Board Controlled by Retired Judges

In Both Board elected Politician should have Zero Say

Law should clearly say that no politician can be on the board of these Boards

Law should clearly say that No politician can order the Board and it is not mandatory for the Board to obey elected Politician

If Politician is unhappy he can go to the High Court and Supreme Court

Never Support the demand of AAP that Delhi Police be made servant of a Delhi Chief Minister

Always demand Police Reforms

Always Demand Administrative Reforms

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Monday, January 20, 2014

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Renu January 20, 2014  

Looking for some ideals is a utopia in India:(

deeps January 20, 2014  

That’s another protest…with almost predictable outcome

Destination Infinity January 20, 2014  

If Delhi is a state, then the police should be under the purview of the state government. That's how it is here in TN. Union Govt. cannot control the state police, at least not directly. Not sure why this is not the case there in Delhi.

If law and order needs to be maintained, there should be some level of control over the police by the state. But if that control is used for personal/political gains, which happens routinely in India, then it is wrong.

The problem is, AAP is fighting the very structure of our corrupt democratic society, not just corrupt politicians - which is going to be a very difficult battle. I appreciate them for this audacity, but they should backup their political/administrative reforms with reforming the common man, also. Without this, their uphill battle is going to get more and more difficult.

But I am glad that at least one party is trying to do something different.

Destination Infinity

Renu January 21, 2014  

AAP..arvind kejriwaal's anarchy party

Happy Kitten January 21, 2014  

We are a confused nation! We want police reforms, yet we don't want an honest police force since we are used to using them for favors. Yes..we need to change too.

Here AK may be fighting for a right which every other state in this nation enjoys; a police force under the elected government and not the centre. But then we also don't need a police who is forced to be at the beck and call of the politicians.

Unknown January 22, 2014  

I agree. Reform is always needed. There is not other way to get freedom.