17 January 2014

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30 Facts Rahul Gandhi Speech First time aggressive speech in AICC Session

30 Facts from Rahul Gandhi Speech First time gives aggressive speech in AICC Session

Congress Party did not declare Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi as the party’s official prime ministerial candidate.

Rahul Gandhi is set to head the party's campaign in the national elections
He will head the poll committee of the party

Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi addressed the All India Congress Committee (AICC) meeting held in New Delhi on Friday.

Before this speech majority Indians started to think that Congress is finished now Congress is back with fire

Now question is can Rahul Gandhi continue to show this fire for next six months

We have always seen that Rahul Gandhi never took any responsibility

Now He has taken the big responsibility to lead Congress, party which is slowly dying
Can he give new life to the Congress?

Yes he can do it
It is possible
India is emotional country and not a legal country

Important Facts from the speech of Rahul Gandhi

He began his speech by thanking the "soldiers" of the Congress party.
He said "It's an honour to talk to you people.
I thank the Prime Minister, party members for their contribution."
Common people should be able to enter the political system with ease
Today we live in a world where packaging is selling politics
The change that is taking place before us is unstoppable
We will ask the block presidents, workers, district president to directly select candidates in 15 Lok Sabha constituencies.
I want to see 50% women at AICC sessions, Parliament and among chief ministers of state governments.

We respect the liberty and dignity of every single of our countrymen.
We love our country because it stands for the idea of humanity, because it has always taught us to love our countrymen, it has taught us how to remain united in the face of struggle.
No matter how dark the night, India teaches us to fight on.
We will go into this battle as warriors, knowig exactly who we are and who we stand to.
We will fight with every single thing we have.

I will do whatever you want me to do, I am your soldier.

What is the Congress party? The Congress party is a way of thinking. It is about brotherhood, love, respect for women. This way of thinking is not something that has come to us now. This way of thinking has been with Guru Nanak, with Akbar, with Gandhiji.

People of Opposition are not like us.
They say what they want.
They are very good marketers - they sing, they dance, they can sell combs to the bald.
Don't be swayed by their talk

He demanded 12 LPG cylinders per year

I want the next AICC session to have a 50% women population. I want 50% of our chief ministers to be women.
 I've worked with women in Uttar Pradesh, and they told me that until women in the country are not given respect, this country will not be able to stand on its feet. So the Congress party wants to empower you women.

We will 'open the system' to bring inside 70 crore poor people. We will put a strong roof over your heads. We will fight your battles.

Elections in Youth Congress and NSUI; Changed the way manifesto is being written - unlike in the past when 2-3 people drew up the manifesto, we now ask Congress workers, people, NGOs and then make the manifesto; We will choose candidates based on people's desires.

People demand an honest and transparent government and we respond by giving the Lokpal Act. Everybody talks about it, but who passed it?
The Congress party did.
We gave you the Lokpal bill and now we want to give you something else - we have six pending bills in the Parliament and these bills will transform governance.

We do not respond by stalling Parliament year after uear. We do not respond by taking digs at one another. We respond by being peaceful and in a democratic manner.

Common people should be able to enter politics. We live in a world where packaging and not politics seems to be the real thing.

Democracy is not the rule by the state. Democracy is not rule by one man. Democracy is rule by elected representatives of the people. We want to bring that back.

What is the NREGA if not a way of giving power to the people. At every step from before independence until now, the Congress has always given power to the people.

We also created the right to identity when we started the Aadhaar project.
This ensured that the money the government spends reaches directly into your bank account.

Every action that the Congress took before and after Independence is about giving power to the people. That is where the power lies,"

Rahul said that he wished to see 50 per cent of women as chief ministers.

We are first government to take action and say that the money belongs to you and it needs to be put in your account  Gave power of Aadhar Card
Gave power of Right to information act

Laws are being made by media, by judges, by everyone else except for those who have been elected to make those laws. We need to empower all of you and bring you back into law making
We are not assembled as individuals, we are here as trustees of an idea. This idea is greater than me, the PM, the Congress president and you.

We do not respond by turning people against one and other, by lighting the fire of communal violence

In next 5 years will try and bring 70 crore people above poverty line and below middle-class
we will work towards bringing the poor like security guards, labourers into the middle class level:.

Let the Opposition say whatever they want to
Their marketing skills are very good- there's glitter, song, and dance
They are people who can sell combs to bald people and now someone has already started giving them a haircut.
Don't fall into their trap Opposition leaders are fooling the people of the country
Opposition said that they want a Congress-free India, but they aren't aware of the history of our country They have no knowledge about history

This country has always taught us how to remain united in adversity and to never give up

Congress is not a party, it is a idea close to our hearts.
It is an idea enshrined in India for 3000 years
I am a soldier of the Congress. I am willing to do whatever you want me to do

The constitution of India says PM is elected by MPs. We're a democratic party & we function in a democratic way
Rahul Gandhi said Congress believed in Constitution and "our MPs will elect the new Prime Minister in accordance with the Constitution".

We don't love our country because it is powerful or rich but because it upholds the ideals we wish to live by

There is a tough battle ahead of us.
We'll go into this battle as warriors with our heads held high
We will not lose courage, we will not stop till this battle is won

Comment on BJP and AAP
Our Opposition is so good it can even sell combs to bald people. Interestingly, the newest party can even give bald people haircut.

No matter how much our shortcomings frustrate us, we love our country.

There is a tough battle ahead of us. We'll go into this battle as warriors with our heads held high

Be ready to see triangular match between Narendra Modi, Arvind Kejriwal and Rahul Gandhi

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Friday, January 17, 2014

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