10 December 2013

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What happens if AAP and BJP both do not form government in Delhi?

What happens if AAP and BJP both do not form government in Delhi?

Delhi voters created history by voting for AAP and showing new light to Citizens of India

Delhi Result Status –

1)BJP – won 31

2)INS – 8

3)Janata Dal united – 1

4)Shiromani Akali Dal – 1

5)Aam Aadmi Party – 28

6)Independent – 1

Thus no one got majority in Delhi

Before elections AAP to told Indian citizens that they will not support any political party

Thus AAP needs to keep promise

BJP and Congress now needs to join hands and form the government as both parties are same with difference of name

If BJP and congress do not form government then what happens

If no party stakes claim to form the government, Delhi may see the President's Rule imposed on it, with fresh elections to be called within six months.

After that Delhi will vote for AAP and Aap will form the government in Delhi with Majority

Reality views by sm –

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

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Destination Infinity December 10, 2013  

I think repoll will be called soon - once the congress govt. passes the lokpal bill! That will make things very difficult for citizens of Delhi!!

Destination Infinity

Kirtivasan Ganesan December 11, 2013  

In my deepest thought, I will say if BJP fulfills more than 28/32 percent of AAP's election manifesto then AAP should extend support to BJP. Seriously,in not doing so will only result in corruption.

Shesha Chaturvedi December 11, 2013  

I agree with above... AAP can extend support if BJP is willing to take up its Agenda as a new party will need to strengthen its grip in the game first, which will take good amount of time. Though on the other hand AAP will lose its identity and Kejriwal's only chance to become a CM of Delhi and extend its Party in Lok Sabha and other states- so he will not do that! Next election will go in favour of AAP most probably! Let us see!

SM December 11, 2013  

@Kirtivasan Ganesan

BJP is not ready to give janlokpal bill so its not possible

Rama Ananth December 11, 2013  

People should whole heartedly voted for AAP, nw with re election, people might get bored and again ma not vote properly. People can be quite fickle minded at times. I wish AAP had won properly. I f Anna Had given his complete support more people would have come forward and voted for them instead, he acted as a spoil sport. Now all he can do is go on an indefinite fast for a cause for which nobody really cares. The enthusiasm Anna created in the beginning got lost as time went by. Being a shrewd man, he should not have split with Arvind Kejriwal. Now neither is there a government inclined to pass the bill nor has Arvind got people's complete mandate to form a government honestly.
I hope people who were part of Anna would make him realise his mistakes and make him give his full support to a group which believes in the same things he believes in. Even among good people there are vices, that is the problem.