10 December 2013

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Molestation Case registered against AAP elected MLA Dharmendra Koli

Molestation Case registered against AAP elected MLA Dharmendra Koli

A case of molestation was filed by the wife of Congress leader Veer Singh Dhingan who alleged that Dharmendra Koli molested her during a victory rally after his win in the assembly elections on Sunday against Dharmendra Koli — Aam Aadmi Party’s (AAP) newly-elected MLA from Seemapuri

Koli told to media that it was "a fake case" and "an attempt to malign my image",
I will file a defamation case against them
"I was busy throughout the day in the procession. Our procession passed through Seemapuri, Gokulpuri and other parts of the constituency. I was in an open jeep and did not get time to get out of it. How can I do such things? It is an attempt to malign my image,

Police told to media that We have registered an FIR of molestation and rioting against Koli and others after a complaint from Dhingan and a statement by his wife that AAP members allegedly entered their house and misbehaved with her. Further investigations are on,"

AAP in a statement said that it seems that it is a fake case as the incident happened in the morning and a complaint was filed late in the night.
Koli will be expelled from the party if the allegations are found true but a defamation suit will be filed if they turn out to be false,"

This is the just beginning now on AAP candidates as well as supporters and people who give funds to AAP party need to be very careful otherwise they will get targeted using any methods to malign the party AAP party image 

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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

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deeps December 10, 2013  

what timing to come up with such allegations!!!

Rama Ananth December 10, 2013  

This comment coming from congress after its miserable loss is surely a fake complaint. It is very important now all the more for the AAP to be very careful of what they say, do or take from people. They should also not trust people who come with hidden cameras, and want to donate some funds to their organisation.
How tough it is to be in politics, they will soon learn, but they must have proper way to combat such incidents.
Their decent behavior is certainly influencing the BJP, for they are not bent on forming the government by hook or crook, unlike their usual tendency after an election. They should also keep all leaders like Nitin Gadkari, Yedurappa and other such tainted leaders from having any influence in their party matters.

Rama Ananth December 10, 2013  

Please can you remove the word identification, it is very irritating.I think the comments moderation should be enough is'nt it?

Destination Infinity December 10, 2013  

This shows how upset certain 'loser' politicians are. This also shows how easily anyone can claim that they have been molested and file a case. Hopefully there will be a proper investigation on this and until proven guilty, I don't think the AAP minister needs to resign. It's only my opinion, though.

Destination Infinity

SM December 11, 2013  

@Rama Ananth

thanks. I will think on it

BLOG KING December 12, 2013  

the congress will do such a cheapest thing because of losing in election .