26 December 2013

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Karnataka MLAs Plan fun trips to Brazil Australia using tax payer’s money

Karnataka MLAs Plan fun trips to Brazil Australia using tax payer’s money

Media reported that Karnataka MLAs are going on 10 to 12 days study tour to Brazil, Argentina and Peru next month using tax payer’s money

One group of MLAs has already left to Australia, New Zealand and Fiji,

Assembly Speaker Kagodu Thimappa had earlier told a news agency, “The Estimates Committee, consisting of as many as 18 legislators, is planning a study tour of Brazil, Argentina and Peru.”

The "study tour" of the Estimates Committee of the Legislature, comprising MLAs from all parties, will cover holiday destinations such as Rio de Janerio, Manaus, Iguassu, Lima, Cusco, and Buenos Aires, besides Dubai, according to the itinerary.

Names of few destinations –
exuberant ecosystems of Rio's tropical urban jungle"
shopping at Manaus, - Enjoy Samba and Tango dancing a show at a local restaurant

The 10-12 day long trip is likely to cost the state about Rs. 2 crore.

MLA go every year using taxpayer’s money and still result is zero

The tour by members of five legislature committees numbering around 20 each, accompanied by 15 officials, to Russia, South America and Scandinavian countries in September and October was then expected to cost the state exchequer over Rs 8 crore.

India needs to bring a law which will ban study tours of all politicians

Now do you think Narendra Modi or Rahul Gandhi will do this ban this type of fun tours by Indian politicians?

Vote for AAP, Arvind Kejriwal can only do this no one else

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Thursday, December 26, 2013