11 December 2013

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Homosexuality LGBT equals criminals then what about this

Homosexuality LGBT equals criminals then what about this

Following the British Rule Raj and religious mind

Now India has made gay and homosexuality law legal and they will face life imprisonment

Then what about the following activities

1)Live in relationship
2)Use of birth pills
3)Use of Condoms
4)Use of sex toys
5)Mastebation by males
6)Masterbation by female
7)Throwing babies from the higher floors to ground on the name of Gods

Do they face life imprisonment?

LGBT and homosexuality not natural so send them to life imprisonment then what about above actions

who is governemnt and SC to control the sexual life of human beings?

why  homosexuality is crime because they are in minority

If homosexual people equal to  majority then hetrosexuality will become a crime

If you say Homosexuality is a crime then simply it  means its sin committed by majority community on the minority community 

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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

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