28 December 2013

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CM Arvind Kejriwal biggest threat to CM Narendra Modi in race for PM

CM Arvind Kejriwal biggest threat to CM Narendra Modi in race for PM

Delhi elections of 2013 shown to people of India that there is still hope from politics

Delhi elections of 2013 shown that congress party has lost its magic which it carried with the name tag of Gandhi and the oldest party

Rahul Gandhi failed to create magic and result is that No one can stop now CM Narendra Modi

But now

Here is CM Arvind Kejriwal not an Indian leader a global world leader of India supported by all the educated class living in India or abroad

 Now after becoming CM of Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal has become biggest threat to CM Narendra Modi who can come in between his Prime Ministership dreams

No one can stop the NAMO except Arvind Kejriwal a common man, Aam Adami

AK may not become PM of India but he can become the King Maker of next Prime Minister of India

Arvind Kejriwal just needs to fulfill his promises and walk on the path of fulfilling those promises

 AAP government in Delhi is minority government and it will fail anytime

What Arvind Kejriwal needs to do in next few months?

1.    Computerization of all Delhi Government departments

2.Reduction in electricity bills which is possible

3.Stopping electricity theft in Delhi

4.Free water to all and increase in water charges to people who use water more and waste the water

5. Solar Energy subsidy , no taxes on solar products

6.Special telephone number to report corruption where no questions ask just give full information and disconnect

7.    Jan Lokpal Bill

8.Bring the law and stop VIP Culture

9.Bring the amendment and stop politicians joy  rides and fun rides to other countries with use of tax payers’ money

Like this Arvind Kejriwal needs to work fast and AAP supporters got only 3 months to spread their wings in India and Project Arvind Kejriwal as the PM Candidate for India

Arvind Kejriwal may not become the PM of India but now he can become the king maker in the next Lok Sabha elections, lower of House elections

When there was no Arvind Kejriwal no AAP, voters got no option but to vote for local regional parties who cannot see beyond their states or vote for BJP

Did you ever thought why BJP and Congress suddenly pass the Joke pal bill that is Lokpal bill

Reason is simple to stop the spread of AAP outside of Delhi

But no one can now stop AAP and Arvind Kejriwal

In Arvind Kejriwal India got the national not only national but International face for India as popular as President of USA Obama

India needs to bring an amendment in the election law making it mandatory for all parties to declare their candidate name for the post of CM or PM prior 3 or 6 months.

Now time has come for the clean politics this is just beginning

Now on one can stop AAP or Arvind Kejriwal as Indian voters got the option to Narendra Modi and BJP

BJP and Congress are the two sides of same coin
Vote for Congress means Vote for BJP
Vote for BJP means vote for Congress

AAP is the independent coin

Arvind Kejriwal is the rising star of India who can come between the dreams of Narendra Modi to become PM of India

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Saturday, December 28, 2013

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deeps December 28, 2013  

competition is always good

virendra sharma December 28, 2013  

good bytes about politics .

Anonymous,  December 30, 2013  

Arvind kejriwal is not a National leader. He is just a NOTIONAL leader.

Rama Ananth December 31, 2013  

Good times are there for India in the near future. Congress and the BJP would never learn any lesson, they would be waiting for AAP to fail in some way or other, so that they can get back to their shoddy dalalli business. Shameless parties. I hope modi doesn't start having a dig at the AAP, like Nitin Gadaari. One has to restrain oneself in politics too. It was ok to make fun of Rahul Gandhi as he is worthy of that only, but Modi should think twice before he opens his mouth regarding Kejriwal and his team.

Destination Infinity December 31, 2013  

This time, we'll give NaMo a chance. But whether it will continue during the next elections or AAP-wave will sweep the nation, only their performance will tell. It's good - competition will make people work better.

Destination Infinity

modi achievements January 10, 2014  

We have 100 reason to support narendra modi:
1. Development Icon / विकास पुरुष
2. World Wide Acceptability
3. Non-Corrupt Regime
4. Communal Harmony
5. Infrastructure
6. Law & Order
7. Modi’s Vision
8. Tourism
9. Modi as a popular leader
10. Modi means "Business Mind & Social