15 December 2013

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BJP religious party Not to Support LGBT Homosexuality

BJP religious party Not to Support LGBT Homosexuality

BJP calls homosexuality unnatural

BJP calls gay sex unnatural

Mukhtar Abbas BJP vice president support the Supreme Court judgement which was not actually a judgement

The judgement said let the politicians decide it

Vote for BJP means vote for Religious party

Congress party said they support the humanity, they support the High Court judgement

But we can trust congress only when the law is passed by the congress party in that regard

Congress is a limited secular party not fully

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Sunday, December 15, 2013

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Rama Ananth December 15, 2013  

Congress doesn't care for anybody . However it is much smarter than BJP, it feels by supporting it. For getting votes congress would extend support to anything and anybody, but it can never be trusted.
The BJp would always be against anything that is progressive, it only knows ways and means to suppress people's freedom. Even after so many years in politics, and seeing the mind st of people changing, it has never learnt a lesson.
They would quote the scriptures, cooly forgetting our scriptures itself are full of examples of Homosexuality.
They are making a big mistake, they would lose the election, if they went around propagating such senseless theories.