21 November 2013

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LG Smart TV found spying transmitting data to servers LG starts investigations

LG Smart TV found spying transmitting data to servers LG starts investigations

LG is investigating allegations that some of its TVs send details about their owners' viewing habits back to the manufacturer even if the users have activated a privacy setting.

UK based blogger doctor beet, Jason Huntley wrote on his blog following

Earlier this month I discovered that my new LG Smart TV was displaying ads on the Smart landing screen.

There is an option in the system settings called "Collection of watching info:" which is set ON by default.  This setting requires the user to scroll down to see it and, unlike most other settings, contains no "balloon help" to describe what it does.

At this point, I decided to do some traffic analysis to see what was being sent.  It turns out that viewing information appears to be being sent regardless of whether this option is set to on or off.

This information appears to be sent back unencrypted and in the clear to LG every time you change channel

Privacy settings you may keep off but it keeps sending information to LG

If someone attaches a USB hard disk or stick then also it sends full information to LG servers

Then he wrote about this to LG and in a mail LG informed him that

The advice we have been given is that unfortunately as you accepted the Terms and Conditions on your TV, your concerns would be best directed to the retailer.  We understand you feel you should have been made aware of these T's and C's at the point of sale, and for obvious reasons LG are unable to pass comment on their actions.

Block the following domain names if you do not want your habits be monitored and do not want to see advertisement


His investigation also indicated that the TVs uploaded information about the contents of devices attached to the TV.

When BBC contacted to LG regarding this LG told to BBC that the company is looking into the matter

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Thursday, November 21, 2013

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Destination Infinity November 21, 2013  

While it is possible to use such silly techniques to thrust ads, consumers will only hate the companies that advertise using such hideous techniques. I wonder why some advertisers pay to get a bad impression about their own brand?

Destination Infinity