19 November 2013

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Arvind Kejriwal AAP and Anna Hazare do they need each other

Arvind Kejriwal AAP and Anna Hazare do they need each other

Arvind Kejriwal started his journey came to into limelight after Arvind Kejriwal joined with Anna Hazare

Any human whatever may be his qualification and profession he in initial days he needs guidance of senior person

In case of Arvind Kejriwal he learned lot under Anna Hazare

Anna and Arvind Kejriwal both are good and their  desires, goals are nearly same
But thinking is different, methods are different

Before independence we saw the differences between Mahatma Gandhi, Bhagat Singh, Bose and others

Same way today we are observing differences between Anna and Arvind Kejriwal, AAP Party

Anna thinks that one should not join politics and he should go on fast and demand the laws

We saw the result of Jan Lokpal Bill what happened

What we got

In past we got Right to information act because of mistake of politicians in understanding the result of that law, they passed the law and now they are trying to make Right to information act a powerless tool and law which helps Indian citizens to get information from government and expose corruption

We must understand that now politicians will never pass any law because someone is on fast
They will talk sweet, use the policy of divide and rule and see that the fast is broken, the person who is on fast is defamed in society

We saw the result of Jan Lokpal Bill, if anyone says he will fast and government will pass the bill

Sorry I do not think government or politicians will do the same mistake which they did when they passed the Right to information law

Now we can get the good laws only if new party is formed and it tries to win elections and bring and pass the Jan Lokpal Bill

AAP is doing the same, after the failure of Jan Lokpal Bill and fast and all efforts everyone realized that we need a new party which will stand for elections, win the elections and pass the laws

Thus AAP was formed as now politicians will never pass a good law if someone is on fast

They learned lot from one mistake.

Now Arvind Kejriwal and AAP needs to focus on party and should stop using name of Anna Hazare, as thinking of Anna is different from AAP

AAP says lets come together and enter into gutter of politics and clean that the gutter for the benefit of next generation

Anna says do not enter politics, go on fast do the sacrifice and demand laws

But we must remember from the mythological stories what they tell us

Krishna says Arjuna kill the enemy for good, do the war for good

Rama has to kill Ravana

Why they did not go on fast and got the justice

As it would have not helped, it is necessary to fight a war for justice

Now as Anna is senior and Arvind Kejriwal and AAP is a gift of Anna Hazare to citizens of India

Mahatma Gandhi gave Congress

Anna gave AAP

Now Anna needs to declare full support for AAP, if anyone is corrupt in AAP he should use his power and see that corrupt individual leaves AAP

Without AAP India will never get a Jan Lokpal Bill

By going on fast Indian politicians will never give us Jan Lokpal Bill, strong Lokpal Bill

AAP does not need Anna Hazare neither Anna needs AAP

But India needs both AAP, Arvind Kejriwal and Anna and their friendship

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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

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Rama Ananth November 19, 2013  

Very true. I can't understand why Anna has to be against AAP, for he knows like all of us know it is a waste of time to fast and keep dragging the situation, and harming his health. Okay he wants to fast, let him fast, people would always support him, but he also needs to understand that, only a new uncorrupt party filled with youngsters can really cleanse the system. He should refrain from critcising Arvind and his group at every opportunity, just as they supported him although they felt his fast was not getting them any results, it would be wise on his part also to support and offer his guidance wherever needed.
The purpose is the same, the route taken by each person may be different, the idea is to somehow reach the goal. Stop the bickering, that is what i would say.

Destination Infinity November 19, 2013  

I feel that Anna could have joined AK in one of his election campaigns, if not to seek votes, at least to show his support for non-corrupt political system AK is trying to bring in. But I guess all of us know that Anna's blessings is always with AK, even if he doesn't openly admit it.

Destination Infinity