23 October 2013

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In Depth Australian Scientist found Gold Drinking Eucalyptus tree Gold crystals in leaves

In Depth Australian Scientist found Gold Drinking Eucalyptus tree Gold crystals in leaves

In India currently we Indians are busy finding gold using the dreams of Baba
Baba dreams about 1000 ton Gold and people and government rushes there
Baba dreams about 2500 ton gold again people rush 

to find gold on the basis of dream
Even Chief Minister says that its good need to find more 

Australian researchers confirm that deep-rooted Eucalyptus trees pilfer gold from ore deposits underground and transport them into their leaves.

The Nature Communications journal results, reported by a team led by Melvyn Lintern of Australia's CSIRO Earth Science and Resource Evaluation science agency, settle a long-running dispute.

A paper published this week in Nature Communications reports that gold crystals can be found in Eucalyptus trees growing above buried deposits of the mineral.

Through dreams Baba finds gold and scientist find gold through Trees

Dr Lintern, lead author of the study, said it was the first time the precious metal had been detected in the tissue of a naturally occurring, living thing.

The researchers studied eucalyptus and acacia trees in the Kalgoorlie region of Western Australia, but Dr Lintern said the findings would apply to all eucalyptus trees, given the right conditions.

The researchers compared eucalyptus tree leaves at gold prospecting sites in Western Australia with leaves from trees 2,625 feet (800 meters) away.

They also grew eucalyptus trees in greenhouses with potting soil dosed with gold particles, as well as in normal potting soil without gold.

They Found - Leaves preferentially stored microscopic gold particles about eight micrometers wide on average. Study authors speculate the particles came from underground, seemingly taken up by the root system of the trees. About 20 leaves needed to be sampled to statistically reveal the presence of gold underneath the trees.

Giving gold leaf a more literal meaning, CSIRO scientists have established that eucalyptus trees draw up gold particles from deep in the soil via water absorbed by their root system.
The gold, probably toxic to the plant, is deposited in leaves and bark and is shed before it accumulates.

At about one-fifth the diameter of a human hair, the "nuggets’’ are invisible to the naked eye.
They were discovered by the CSIRO’s Maia detector for X-ray elemental imaging at the Australian Synchrotron in Clayton, which found the precious metal in the vascular system and cells of leaves.

CSIRO geochemist Mel Lintern said  that If you had 500 eucalypt trees growing over a gold deposit, they would only have enough gold in there to make a wedding ring,’’

The study will be useful to the mining and exploration industries as the leaves and soil under a tree can indicate whether gold ore deposits are located meters below the surface – all without the need to drill.

Roots of eucalypt trees run deep more than 50 meters underground.

The gold sucked up by a tree to its foliage before being shed also means gold is concentrated in the surface soil under the tree.

The study suggests that analyzing the mineral content of leaves and bark, including searching for other minerals such as zinc and copper, could prove a more cost effective and environmentally friendly way of locating and assessing mineral deposits.

Photo Source – Nature.com
Eucalyptus root system through regolith at Freddo Au prospect

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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

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rudraprayaga October 23, 2013  

Thank you, for the info.Now an industry can be grown with eucalyptus trees.

Destination Infinity October 23, 2013  

Is the gold good for the eucalyptus trees, at least? ;)

Destination Infinity