23 September 2013

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Virtual Elections 2014 Vote for Your Party initiative by India Today Know How to vote

Virtual Elections 2014 Vote for Your Party initiative by India Today Know How to vote 

First Virtual Elections in India Vote over 30 Days

Once you visit the site how you will vote in E Elections 2013/2014

You will see the Map of India
Click on the Map and choose your State
Once you click on it, you will get option to choose your state or union territory
Example -
Daman and Diu
Dadra and Nagar Haveli

Now choose your state, once you will click on it
You will be asked your mobile number once you will enter your mobile number you will receive one time password OTP to vote

Once you receive your OTP, enter in box, and vote
If it does not work, then again refresh the page and enter same OTP number which you got on your mobile phone.

If second time you will enter the number you will get message that OTP is already sent on mobile

It does not give the option to vote for  AAP thus, I did not vote 

You can vote for the following parties only  in Maharashtra 

Shiv Sena
Dont want to vote

Below is the link to vote in virtual elections by India Today

E vote Elections 2013/2014

Photos how to vote

Reality views by sm

Monday, September 23, 2013

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Destination Infinity September 24, 2013  

The results are not very surprising :)

Instead of this fun-initiative, they could have provided information on each MP from every constituency and their election manifesto, background, experience, etc. so that people can find it easier to determine whom to vote.

This party-based voting should slowly get transformed into people-based voting. That way, criminals and other such elements can be weeded out (slowly). I wonder how parties give tickets to criminals and habitual offenders of the law?

Destination Infinity