26 September 2013

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Video Delhi Chemist beaten by Police Guard of VIP a story of common Indian

Video Delhi Chemist beaten by Police Guard of VIP a story of common Indian

the security officers of senior party leader Ramgopal Yadav allegedly beat up a chemist in South Delhi for not giving a medicine that was out of stock.
A chemist was beaten up in south Delhi's Yusuf Sarai area,
The whole incident was caught on CCTV camera installed in the shop

The CCTV footage shows the Personal Security Officers, allegedly from the Uttar Pradesh Police, beating up the chemist.
The chemist was beaten up after an argument over the phone between the chemist and a woman believed to be related to the SP leader.
The woman told the chemist that her name was Richa Yadav and threatened him.

Police say the chemist has not lodged a complaint.
The chemist, however, claims that he is being pressurized to hush up the matter.

The chemist claims that police was unwilling to file an FIR. It is ironic that the case has still not been filed.

The chemist told to IBN that when he was beaten up after that immediately he informed the Police but FIR was not registered.

Crime happened on 17th ,18th September 2013
Evidence is available from 18th September
CCTV footage available
Mobile Number Available

NDTV reported that now FIR is registered
The police have now registered a case of assault and intimidation.

This the story of Common Indian Citizens this is reason everyone fears politicians

Watch the video Delhi Chemist beaten by Police Guard of VIP

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Thursday, September 26, 2013

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Renu September 26, 2013  

no law and order here...I feel that even Yogendra Yadav being victimised for connecting with AAP..should be supported..

DWei September 26, 2013  

Hopefully he'll be ok. :(

SM September 26, 2013  

yes he is also victimized as associated with AAP