24 September 2013

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How to convert a lion into a Parrot or obedient Dog

How to convert a lion into a Parrot or obedient Dog

Who is lion?
IAS, IPS, IFS officers when they are new and first time joined the duty to serve India and Indian citizens but finally majority end up serving Politicians.

As soon as new officers join duty the  government machinery starts its process of  making them parrots or obedient dogs of politicians

How this process works
conversion of a lion into a dog or parrot?

First problem in India is that honest Indian citizens or government employees do not have any protection against politicians

Protection means if a politician suspends a  officer without reason or  defames an officer in such case normally Politicians wins  what ever  officer may do he will feel defeated by  system

Need to change above condition
Protection means a fine of million dollars or such a fine which will make a politician and his political party a beggar party 

Indian officers do not get anything for mental harassment from government

If you will say yes, they get it
Yes, they will get it but what   10 or 100 US Dollars as compensation

I do not think its compensation

Good compensation is one, which will guarantee minimum 25 Lakh Rs in any case, and whatever may be the case

Recommended is Rs. 1 Crore compensation with a condition that if not paid in 1 month it will become double

As there is no compensation, Politicians dismiss or suspend the IAS or IPS officers without fear and without any reasons

Once honest officer is suspended by government what happens?

Now what happens honest officer is guided by seniors who say go to CM meet him and say sorry , rub your nose on his shoes and get back your job or Resign from job

Then honest officers wait and watch and study and meet the senior lawyers and everyone says

This is India you do not have any option
Say sorry rub nose on the shoes of CM and get back job or Resign

Then finally that lion officer meets the CM, says sorry, promises, vows before him
I will never oppose any corruption,
I will never arrest your friends,
I will obey you like a caged parrot and an obedient dog

This is how politicians convert a lion into a parrot or dog

As politicians control everything regarding these lions and lion has to obey his master

Did you remember circus in which ring master orders the lion and he jumps as trained and ordered

This is the reality of Indian Officers

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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

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Renu September 24, 2013  

really sad state of affairs..this is what happened to that lady IAS..

Destination Infinity September 25, 2013  

People who elect such a Government, DESERVE it.

Destination Infinity

Kirtivasan Ganesan September 25, 2013  

It is hoped that parrot and dog will shout back and resort to nation building activity.

SM September 25, 2013  

@Kirtivasan Ganesan
yes everyone hopes that

Usha September 25, 2013  

I clicked post thinking some funny post but found a good written post with painful observations of helpless Indian officers. I wish the day come soon when all these officers stand back with the strength of lion.