13 September 2013

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Food Security Bill became act Signed by President Food will reach to poor or not

Food Security Bill became act Signed by President Food will reach to poor or not

Food Security Bill was passed by upper house and lower house now Food Security bill

The lower house had passed the bill on August 26, while the Upper house gave its nod on September 2.

Now President Pranab Mukherjee signed the bill and now it has become a law an act.

Government thinks that it will benefit to 82 Crore Indian citizens.

The bill will guarantee 5 kg of rice, wheat, and coarse cereals per month per person at Rs 3, 2, 1, respectively.

It would require 62 million tonnes of food grains.

Currently how it will work food distribution system?

1 – Central Government to buy food store the food

2- Then Central Government will supply the food to State Government as per allocation

3- State will sent the food to fair price shops

4- Local Authorities will monitor the distribution

Farmers produce the food grains after that private business owners as well as government buys them

However, this year Government of India bought less food grains compare to last year and this year private business owners bought more


Now Government will buy the food grain from these private business owners, or may be import them

A perfect plan and opportunity to convert black money into white money if anyone got

But did not read about the quality of rice, wheat, and coarse cereals, which quality of food they will be provided?

Rotten and dirty food or Good quality Basmati Rice that our politicians eat?

Which type of wheat and coarse cereals or expired cereals repacked?

Food Bill has not addressed the “nutritional requirement
Bill is silent about quality of food grains.

Every Indian knows that PDS is faulty system
Food Bill is dependent on Public Distribution System (PDS), which is a failed system.

Who will decide poor?

Who will get the benefit?

Indian politicians do not have will to build the storage system or may be India does not have technology
Whatever may be reasons truth and reality is India does not have adequate number of storage warehouses

You will think Aadhaar Card will be useful, but Aadhaar card is in  testing phase now, it is still not full proof and operational all over India

Best option is cash or opening hotels where poor can eat free of cost daily n number of times

Be ready to read in a future Billion Dollar Food Scam stops parliament working

Reality views by sm

Friday, September 13, 2013

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rudraprayaga September 13, 2013  

All are gimmicks for vote.

Destination Infinity September 13, 2013  

Thanks for giving us the details of this scheme, I was unaware of it. PDS does reach a lot of people and they already give things for a low price. Govt. needs to be very careful while enacting such schemes that have a mass impact. If it is not effective/backfires, most probably that Govt. will be out.

Destination Infinity

NITINIYATI September 28, 2013  

I really think that GOV should list out the names of unemployed people , give them land which is under GOV which are just kept in reserved . giving this students full agricultural equipments and training we can just grow our own food in our own land with low cost .
think and be little dilogical