02 September 2013

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Explained What is Potency Test for Males Asaram Bapu clears Potency Test

Explained What is Potency Test for Males Asaram Bapu clears Potency Test Capable to sex

What is potency Test?
Potency Test –
Potency is the ability of a man to have sex.
In a rape case Police officers can conduct this potency test of an accused to  verify, and prove to the Court that the  accused male is active and capable to have sex with girl.
If accused person is an old man, they always say and take a stand before court that he is an old man and he is impotent thus he is not capable to rape any girl.
But Potency test confirms and proves He can or He cannot sex with girl

There are three male potency tests, which are conducted to prove virility

The tests are generally conducted by an Uro-Andrologist part of a hospital’s fertility department.

Following are the three types of Potency Test –

Semen Analysis –
It is done to help evaluate male fertility
Semen analysis is a test to measure the amount and quality of a man's semen and sperm.
The test is sometimes called a sperm count or Male fertility test
It can help determine if a problem in sperm production or quality of the sperm is causing infertility.
The test may also be used after a vasectomy to make sure there are no sperm in the semen. This can confirm the success of the vasectomy.
The test may also be performed for the following condition: Klinefelter syndrome

Semen analysis is a laboratory test in which semen is examined under a microscope.
Semen (the Latin word for seed) consists of sperm cells and fluid (seminal plasma).
Sperm cells are produced in the testes (the male reproductive glands).
Seminal plasma is produced mainly in the seminal vesicles (two little sacs situated under the urinary bladder) and the prostate (a gland situated at the bladder neck).

Sperm cells are transported from each testis through a thin tube called the vas deferens to the seminal vesicle where the semen is stored.
From there a thin tube (the ejaculatory duct) passes through the prostate and opens into the urethra, the tube which carries urine from the bladder to the outside.

At the high point (orgasm) during sexual stimulation, about 2-5 ml of semen is squirted (ejaculated) from the seminal vesicles to the tip of the penis.
Sperm cells form less than 2% of the ejaculate; the rest is fluid (seminal plasma).
A sperm cell consists of a head and a long tail, which moves with a whip-like action to propel the sperm cell forwards, so it looks like a tadpole swimming through water.
The head of a sperm cell is about 5 micron, and the tail about 45 micron long (a micron is one thousandth of a millimeter).  

How the test is performed?

a)Do not have any sexual activity that causes ejaculation for 2 - 3 days before the test.
b)You will need to provide a semen sample.
c)Doctor will explain how to collect a sample.
d)Sample collection may involve masturbation and collecting the sperm into a sterile container.
e)It may also be collected during intercourse by using a special condom supplied by your doctor or hospital
f)    Doctors will often conduct two to three sperm analyses and average their numbers to get the most accurate reading.
g)A laboratory specialist must look at the sample within 2 hours of the collection.
h)The laboratory specialist will look at the sample to determine the following details:

i.Fluid coagulation (thickening into a solid) and liquefaction
ii.Fluid thickness, acidity, and sugar content
iii.Resistance to flow (viscosity)
iv.Sperm movement or motility
v.    Number and structure of the sperm
vi.Volume of semen

Normal Results –
a)A few of the common normal values are listed below.
b)The normal volume varies from 1.5 to 5.0 milliliter per ejaculation.
c)The sperm count varies from 20 to 150 million sperm per milliliter.
d)At least 60% of the sperm should have a normal shape and show normal forward movement (motility).
e)Sperm shape: More than 50 percent of sperm are shaped normally
f)    Movement: More than 50 percent of sperm move normally
g)pH: Between 7.2 and 7.8
h)Volume: Greater than 2 millimeters
i)Liquefaction: 15 to 30 minutes before liquefaction
j)Sperm count: 20 million to over 100 million
k)Appearance: Whitish to gray opalescent
l)Thickness: Smooth and watery

Abnormal Results –
Abnormal results could indicate the following:
c)hormonal imbalance
d)disease such as diabetes
e)gene defects
f)exposure to radiation

The following are some of the terms used to describe sperm abnormalities:
a)azoospermia – no sperm cells in the semen
b)oligospermia – a low number of sperm cells (less than 20 million per ml)
c)teratospermia – a high percentage of abnormal looking cells
d)Asthenospermia – a high percentage of cells that do not move (i.e. that are immotile).

If doctor finds results are abnormal doctor may recommend following additional test
a)Genetic tests
b)Hormone testing
c)Urinalysis after ejaculation
d)Taking a tissue sample from your testicles
e)Anti-sperm immune cells testing

Penile Doppler Ultrasound – 
This test is conducted to check how much and how well blood flows into and out of the penis.
It is primarily used for men with Severe Erectile Dysfunction, which does not respond to oral medication (like Viagra)
The Doppler Effect is used to tell which direction the blood is flowing. In order to have an erection, blood must flow into the penis, but not flow out.
The Doppler ultrasound can find this problem

Procedure Method of conducting Penile Doppler Ultrasound -

A medical assistant will inject your penis with a vasodilator that will assist in giving you some fullness. 
The medical assistant will scan your penis with transducers that are connected to a computer. 
The computer measures the inflow and outflow of blood to your penis. 
After this initial testing you will be retested. 
A report that graphs and indicates your scores will be reviewed by your urologist.
Patients with any significant out flow problem are better treated with prosthetics.

Visual Erection Examination-
During the visual examination, the doctor examines the penis in both states, aroused and flaccid, to check for any type of problem.
It also tests Morning Erection in Patients.

Asaram Bapu Rape case –

Charges slapped against Asaram are non-bailable and the burden of proof rests on the accused under the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act.

But Asaram may get bail saying he is an old man.

Rape accused Asaram was arrested by the Jodhpur police from his Indore ashram in Madhya Pradesh

Next step – Police officers produced him before the Court

He was flown to Jodhpur by an Air India flight from Delhi around 12:30 pm and taken to the guest house of Rajasthan Armed Constabulary located at Mandore

Asaram was questioned for four hours at RAC headquarters and then produced in a court that sent him to one-day police custody

After initial interrogation, he was taken to the magistrate court in the evening where the police sought his two-day custody.

But the judge gave only one-day custody

He has been kept under police custody at the RAC Battalion campus after his plea for being allowed to stay at his ashram was rejected.

Asaram Bapu was interrogated after being sent to a day's police custody and taken to his ashram for recreating the "crime scene"

Now if police want him to interrogate more they will have to again approach to court

Media reported that he was taken to his ashram, 35 km from Jodhpur, for recreating the alleged crime scene at around 6 pm. The exercise lasted around 20 minutes

Jodhpur Police Commissioner Biju George Joseph said they needed time to clarify a few things. "We will seek an extension (of custody) if required,"

Asaram told to police that he was impotent and therefore incapable of committing the crime he was charged with.

After this, a team of doctors was called to the Rajasthan Armed Constabulary headquarters where Asaram was questioned.

"A potency test was conducted on him, which confirmed that he was strong enough to commit the crime of sexual assault and rape on the 16-year-old girl

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