08 September 2013

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CAG Condom Machine 10,000 Missing Rs 21.54 Crore wasted loss

CAG Condom Machine 10,000 Missing Rs 21.54 Crore wasted loss

The intended objective of improving the accessibility of condoms in high-risk areas through CVMs was not achieved despite investment of Rs.21.54 crore under the scheme.

CAG report said that Almost 90 percent condom vending machines installed at public places by National Aids Control Organization (NACO) for HIV/AIDS prevention have gone missing.

The CAG report said the CVMs scheme "was characterized by poor planning and implementation and Ministry of Health did not undertake any feasibility study for it considering sale of condoms was very low as compared to projections by NACO."

Hindustan Latex was given the work of installation of CVMs by September 2005 for phase 1 and July 2008 for Phase II.

The installation of CVMs was carried out in a phased manner.
In phase-I, Rs 10 crore was released to HLL Lifecare Ltd and all machines were to be installed by September 2005.

In phase-II, another Rs 10 crore was released and all CVMs were to be installed by 2008.

These machines were to be installed in public places like railway stations, restaurants, bus terminals, cinema houses and red light districts, banks, post offices etc.

CAG in its reported said that in Phase I of the project, 11,025 CVMs were installed in high-risk areas of which 9,860 machines were not traceable or were lost. The audit found only 1,130 machines traceable but was not functioning.

"As the CVMs installed under Phase I were not insured against theft and damage, thus no recovery/claim could be made in respect of stolen machines,"

In phase-2, about 10,000 CVMs were to be installed of which only 6,499 were found functional, others missing or damaged or not installed at all.

In Phase II of the project, 1546 machines were damaged, 161 stolen and 1791 could not be installed

The CAG said that machines installed in Phase II were maintained till June 2011 within the cost of Rs.10 crore and the project was extended up to March 2011 at an extra cost of Rs.90 lakh.

A contract to this effect was signed with Hindustan Latex and the project was further extended up to September 2011 at an additional cost of Rs.60 lakh.

Do you remember, did you ever saw these condom machines near railway station or anywhere or even red area?

Why loss ?

No accountability leads to corruption

The entire project failed without  any benefits and  with zero result no one got punishment

Indian citizens do not know the names of officers or minsters that designed this scheme and implemented

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Sunday, September 08, 2013

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Krishna/കൃഷ്ണ September 09, 2013  

Now India become land of Scams...


DWei September 10, 2013  

Where would you even store one of these if you stole it...?