20 August 2013

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Vithura Rape Case Perfect case, which shows Indian laws help to, accused more

Vithura Rape Case Perfect case, which shows Indian laws help to, accused more

A minor girl from Kerala was abducted in November 1995 and was serially raped.

Now case is known as Vithura Scandal.

She was raped serially but in this case, police did not file a single case.

Police split the cases in Vithura rape scandal taking total to 23 cases.

23 cases means girl has to appear 23 times for each trail for each date on different dates.

She also appealed to the court to consider 15 of her 22 cases on a single day as the remaining seven are yet to be committed to the trial court.

However, the Honorable court turned down her plea saying no one was above the law and could not escape appearing in court.

In India laws and their implementation changes as per the person’s financial position and his political contacts or the position on which he is sitting

Thirty-five people are accused in the 15 cases in question.

The trials were delayed because the accused appealed to the high court and Supreme Court.
All appeals were rejected.
Thirty-five people are accused in the 15 cases in question.

When the appeal of one accused was turned down, another went in appeal.
They moved the court in turns only to delay the process.
When a petition was pending in court, naturally other cases were also delayed.
The woman had not done anything to delay the trial.
Governments did not try to speed up the trial

Now I hope you got the trick and understood one loophole of Indian law, which helped the accused persons to delay the trial court case.

In 2011, the woman had moved the high court to club all the cases but the appeal was turned down.
The court directed the trial court to examine the woman simultaneously in all cases.

Now in this case what will happen?
Session Court Appeal to High Court – Appeal to Supreme Court 34 times this will happen for each order.

Then after 5 years or 10 years session court will give them punishment if found guilty.

Then Appeal will filed in High Court, then Supreme Court

Case will be delayed repeatedly

November 1995 Rape trial case started
Year August 20, 2013 Case is still pending in Trial Court.

Justice delayed is Justice Denied

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Tuesday, August 20 2013

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Kirtivasan Ganesan August 21, 2013  

Life is a learning. Men want to learn about sex too. Many men may join together and may successfully find a teacher, a woman.
The above seems to be such a case.

Kirtivasan Ganesan August 23, 2013  

Sex is common sense. Hence 50-50. But like lacking common sense people act in rage.
I gave male explanation.
Rapes happening. This is wrong. Males should think of 50-50. 50% chance of conceiving. I bet on my mathematical sense that conceiving chances are more and is 50%.