08 August 2013

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Micromax owners Rajesh Agarwal, Manish Tuli arrested by CBI for paying bribe

Micromax owners Rajesh Agarwal, Manish Tuli arrested by CBI for paying bribe

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) arrested Rajesh Agarwal and Manish Tuli co-founders of Micromax Informatics for allegedly giving a bribe of Rs 30 lakh to two junior employees of the North Delhi Municipal Corporation for clearance to a banquet hall construction.

CBI also arrested two junior officials of the municipal corporation and carried out searches at 15 locations including residential and official premises of the MCD officers.

According media reports
Agrawal and Tuli had entered a deal with the engineers of the civic body to get clearance for construction of their banquet hall in the Wazirpur area in exchange of bribe of Rs 50 lakh.
Agrawal and Tuli negotiated with the MCD officials and brought down the alleged bribe amount from Rs 50 lakh to Rs 30 lakh.

CBI caught them red-handed paying bribes.

During the trap operation, the agency allegedly caught Tuli and Agrawal handing over Rs 30 lakh to the junior officials of the MCD who were their to collect the amount on behalf of a Superintendent Engineer, an Executive Engineer and two Junior Engineers, all allegedly part of the conspiracy

Two MCD officers accepting the bribe on the behalf of a superintending engineer named Rajesh Wadhwa were also caught red-handed by the CBI.

During searches, CBI has recovered Rs 40 lakh in cash already from the premises of one junior engineer.

Aggarwal and Tuli were asked to pay Rs 50 lakh by the engineers –
Names of Engineers -

1)Rajesh Wadhwa (superintending engineer)

2)A K Singh (executive engineer)

3)Mahinder (assistant engineer)

4)DDA engineer-to facilitate the clearance

Media has not reported that they were paying bribes to do legal job or giving illegal permission for construction by making it legal using the loopholes.

Updated on Sunday, August 11, 2013

The North Delhi Municipal Corporation suspended seven employees in connection with the Micromax bribery case.
The suspended employees are

1)Rajesh Wadhwa, Superintendent Engineer (Civil)

2)AK Singh, Executive Engineer (Civil)

3)RK Sethi, Assistant Engineer (Bldg)

4)Kapil Dev, Junior Engineer (Bldg), all from Civil Lines Zone

5)M K Gupta, Assistant Engineer (Civil) (M-I) from Rohini Zone

The two beldars suspended  from Civil Lines Zone are

1)Satish Kumar

2)Naresh Kumar

Indian laws are full of loopholes is one of the reason for corruption.

In India, we pay bribe to do legal work.
In India, we pay more bribes to convert illegal work into legal work by using loopholes or pay bribe so government officers will not take any action on illegal activities and constructions.
Thus, overall 99% corruption you can find in India at every place.
Top to bottom everyone says Jai Ho corruption

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Thursday, August 08, 2013

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Usha August 08, 2013  

Good to read that CBI successfully cracked this case...Hope this sets some fear in minds of corrupt officials..but we need hundreds of such arrests every day...long way to go.

Destination Infinity August 08, 2013  

While it is true that such bribery acts should be discouraged by legal actions, which cases to follow and which cases not to follow is still with the hands of the investigative agencies. How they select cases to follow requires a special investigation in itself.

Destination Infintiy