30 August 2013

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Know 40 Facts Short Biography of Asaram Bapu Self-proclaimed godman

Know 40 Facts Short Biography of Asaram Bapu Self-proclaimed godman
Asaram Bapu is above law and in India we do not have equality of law, law changes as per the bank balance of person and or which government position the person is holding or is he a relative of politician or politician himself.

Many followers of Asaram Bapu grab or take  the dust from the roads from which Asaram Bapu travels.

Name - Asumal Sirumalani or known as  Param Pujjya Sant Shri Asaram ji or Asaram Bapu
Profession – spiritual guru, self-styled philosopher,
He is an excellent orator
His father had a coal and wood business, which he took over for a short time after his father's death. He turned from a coal seller into a spiritual guru
As per media reports Asaram worth is more than Rs 5,000 crore

Born -    17 April 1941 Berani, British India

Residence - Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Nationality – Indian

Religion – Hindu

Spouse(s) - Lakshmi Devi

Children - Narayan Prem Sai (Son)  and  Bharti Devi (Daughter)

Parents - Mehangiba (Mother) Thaumal Sirumalani (Father)

He was born  in the Berani village of the Nawabshah District before Partition  (present day Pakistan), to Menhgiba and Thaumal Sirumalani.

Asaram Bapu is a Self-Realized Saint from India

He is India’s best known spiritual gurus, self-styled philosopher

At young age, he lost his father

Later on, he left his own and traveled all over India.

He preaches the existence of  One Supreme Conscious in every human being; be it Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Sikh or anyone else.

He  represents a Confluence of Bhakti Yoga, Gyan Yoga & Karma Yoga

After partition,  the whole family of Asaram had to migrate from Sindh in Pakistan to Mani Nagar near Ahmedabad, in Gujarat India.

After traveling in India many places Asumal then went to  the Ashram of the Swami Shri Lilashahji Maharaj.in Vrindavan

Asumal stayed in Ashram after that Swami  Lilashahji Maharaj asked him to go back to home and continue his spiritual practices at home.
He came back to his Ahmedabad home

After this, again he left his home.
At Moti Koral, a  local saint Shri Lalji Maharaj  made arrangements for Asumal to stay in Datt Kutir of Ram Niwas (Lalji Maharaj's Ashram).

When Asumal's wife and mother came to know that he was staying at Moti Koral they visited him. They requested him to come back. But Asumal told them  he could not come.

Later on, he agreed and boarded train to Ahmedabad. As soon as the train started moving from Miyagaon junction, Asumal jumped out and boarded a train towards Bombay.
Asumal reached Bombay (Mumbai)

Then he went to Lilashahji Maharaj.
Asumal was 23 years old he stayed there with Lilashahji Maharaj.
Later Swami Lilashahji blessed Asumal with ultimate knowledge,
Asumal was transformed into Swami Shri Asharamji Maharaj by the touch of Gurudev (master). Asumal got enlightenment.
He attained   enlightenment on October 7, 1964.
And Asaram was born which is a   blessing to the world at large. Pujjya Lila Shahji Maharaj instructed   Asaram ji to serve the humanity by staying as a householder.

Asram Babu meditated in  Mount Abu, Rajasthan, India, in  various places like Disa, Naareshwar Dhaam, and Himalayas

Asharamji Bapu started living in the Ashram of Deesa village near Palanpur in Gujarat.

Ashram Bapu and Magic –
One day while coming back from the Banas river, Pujya Shri saw a dead cow surrounded by several villagers in front of the Deesa Ashram.
Swamiji gave some water to one villager to sprinkle it on the cow & quietly left the place.
To the amazement of all, as soon as the water was sprinkled on the cow, it turned alive.

After that,  he went to Nainital to pay visit to Guru  Lilashahji Maharaj.
Getting instructions from Guru, he  headed for the Himalayas.
He spent  time in various places like Rishikesh, Gangotri, Uttar Kashi, Badrinath, Kedarnath etc.

Asaram Bapu finally went back to Ahmadabad in 1971.

In 1972, he built a   small cottage on the banks of Sabarmati

There are more than 300 Sant Shri Asaram ji ashrams (hermitage) and more than 1500 Yog Vedanta samitis (sister organization) across the world.
These ashrams organize spiritual and social activities on a regular   basis

The main ashram in Ahmadabad, India, hosts an Ayurvedic clinic, Gaushala   and sadhana hall which is special as there is the Maun mandir -temple   of silence.
There are over 1200 Sri Yoga Vedanta Seva Samiti's   established by the guidance of Bapu ji around the world.

In 1993, at the Parliament of the World's   Religions, Asaram Bapu ji was elected as a committee member of the   Assembly of Global Religions.

Asaram Bapu and Delhi Rape Case –
in the Delhi rape case—when he said “galati ek taraf se nahin hoti hai,” suggesting the victim of the sexual assault was equally responsible for the crime
He is reported to have said: “Only 5-6 people are not the culprits. The victim is as guilty as her rapists... She should have called the culprits brothers and begged before them to stop... This could have saved her dignity and life.
Can one hand clap? I don't think so.
He is also reported to have said that he was against harsher punishments for the accused in the Delhi rape victim case, as the law could be misused.
To support his point, he is said to have stated that, “Dowry law in India is the biggest example of law being misused
he said the Delhi gang rape and murder would not have happened if the victim had called the rapist-killers her brothers and fallen at their feet.
He is quoted as saying: "The girl should have taken God's name and could have held the hand of one of the men and said, 'I consider you my brother' and to the other two, she should have said, 'Brothers, I am helpless. You are my brothers, my religious brothers'.
Then the misconduct wouldn't have happened.

Year 2008 – Gujarat, Asaram and his Motera ashram
The controversy involves the deaths of two ten-year-old cousins, Abhishek and Dipesh Vaghela, at the ashram’s Bal Kendra, on 3 July, a month after they were admitted there as students
In the aftermath of the disappearance of the Vaghela brothers from the heavily guarded Bal Kendra, the ashram administration, including Asaram and Darshan Sai, had initially played down the seriousness of the incident.
The parents of the children were told that they had run away home, a fact vociferously contested by them. “My brother Shantibhai and I enrolled our children at the Motera ashram for education,” said Praful Vaghela, father of Dipesh.

“We paid Rs 15,000 each but were not given pucca receipts. It was just a handwritten receipt. The children were given yellow T-shirts and white pajamas as uniform in the ashram.

According to him, the children told him that the tonsuring was done in the presence of Asaram. On the afternoon of 3 July, Shantibhai met the children at the ashram.
At 9 pm the same day, Praful Vaghela received a call from the ashram administration inquiring if the children had come home.
The Vaghelas went to the ashram and looked for the children.
At the end of their futile search, Pankaj Saksena, the administrator of the gurukul told them to go around a peepal tree 11 times and ask for the children.
They did so but “nothing happened”.

The family, Vaghela claimed, wanted to file a police complaint, but the Ashram administration did not allow them to do so. The family waited out the night and proceeded to the Chandkeda police station the next morning. Two office bearers of the ashram—Vikas Khemcha and Ajay Shah—were already there at the police station. “They went in and spoke to the police. Then they came out and told us to go inside. The police got angry with us when we demanded that a complaint be filed. They did not let us file one,” says the distressed father.

During this period Asaram sent a message to the parents that they should go to a char rasta (crossroad), pick up seven stones, put the stones in hot water along with the children’s clothes and then take out the wet clothes inside out and hang them to dry in the children’s room. The children would return within four hours. “The ashram people told us to wait for the mandatory four hours as directed by Asaram. Nothing happened,” said Vaghela. On the third day of the search, the ashram administration told the Vaghelas another bizarre story—the thumbnail of a 10-year-old gurukul resident had indicated that the missing children were at Kallol. Not surprisingly, that was not where the children were found. Their bodies were finally recovered from a dried-up riverbed close to the ashram.

Vaghela can still vividly recall the harrowing sight—his son Dipesh’s arms were missing from the shoulder down.

All the internal organs were missing, only the hollowed out ribcage remained. His left leg appeared to be cut off at the ankle, the right leg seemed burnt.

His nephew Abhishek’s body was half burnt as well. Instead of helping the family, the policemen harassed them and refused to register complaints against Asaram and the ashram. “When I said the guilty should be arrested, we were told the consequences could be dire. Then we saw a tempo full of ashram inmates coming to the place where the bodies were recovered, armed with weapons and sticks. We ran away,” said Vaghela. Till this point, Asaram had always enjoyed a cosy relationship with the media.

But when the media started reporting on the Vaghela case, many other skeletons started tumbling out of the ashram closets. The media, including several women reporters, were targeted and mercilessly beaten up. Kuldeep Singh Kalair, a reporter with Divya Bhaskar, was locked up in a room in the ashram and beaten by sadhaks. He had to be rescued by the police.

The incident served to lend credence to the allegations of tantric practices by Asaram and his followers.

The rumours had been around for a while, but before the deaths of these boys these were mere whispers.

Meanwhile, in the Chhind- wara town of Madhya Pradesh, two other children were found dead in the residential institution run by Asaram.

The students—Ramakrishna Yadav (a nursery student) and Vedant Moraya (Class 1 student)—were found in the hostel toilet on 31 July 2008.
Here too, angry residents protested and demanded the closure of the ashram.

Vaghela continues to maintain that Asaram and his son are involved in black magic and tantric practices, a claim he has made in his deposition before the Justice (retired) DK Trivedi Commission of Inquiry.

The Commission, appointed by Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi to probe the deaths following the public outcry, has already been censured by the Gujarat High Court for going soft on Asaram and his son.

The high court order on a petition filed by Asaram (15637/2012), challenging the Commission summons to appear before it, stated: “a picture emerges where the Commission has, on its knees, with folded hands craved the convenience of the petitioner and his son to record their evidence before it and this has continued for a period of more than one and a half years”.

When Asaram appeared before the Commission, after being summoned on six different occasions, he was accompanied by an entourage of slogan-shouting followers.
Eyewitnesses say that even as the deposition before the Commission was on, Asaram would leave the room without permission

Allegation of mixing Ghee and not using pure Ghee and medicines

February 2009
Land Grabbing Cases –
in February 2009, the Gujarat government admitted in the legislative assembly that the Asaram ashram had encroached on 67,099 sq. m of land in Ahmedabad

Raju Bhai Murder Case –

Asaram Bapu denied the involvement of himself and any of his family members or the ashram run by him in a Rs 700 crore land grab case of Madhya Pradesh and claimed that reports suggesting the same were "baseless" and "untenable".

Case of Asaram Bapu  slaps journalist
Asaram Bapu courted controversy after he slapped a video journalist during his satsang in Ghaziabad
As per reports, a Hindi news channel reporter along with the cameraman had approached Asaram Bapu for an interview during his three-day long satsang at Kavi Nagar in the city.

August 15 – Asaram Bapu and Rape Charge Case
The girl, who is 16 years of age and from Uttar Pradesh, had made a complaint at a police station in the national capital on August 20, accusing Asaram Bapu of sexually assaulting her at his ashram in Jodhpur.

According to the complaint, the girl had fallen ill at the school and the authorities had advised her parents to take her to Asaram who would do a special puja for her cure,"
After a satsang (religious assembly), Asaram had moved to his private ashram in Manai, 20km from Johdpur and called the girl there on August 14.
A day later, he asked the girl's family members to sit separately at different places for a puja.

He then took the girl into his room and allegedly forced her into unnatural sex, threatening her that his guards would eliminate her family if she refused

Asaram  has been booked under Sections 376, 342, 506 and 509 of the IPC, Section 8 of the Prevention of Children from Sexual Offences Act (POCSO) and Sections 23 and 26 of the Juvenile Justice Act.

According to the DCP, Shilpi and Keshav had sent the 16-year-old girl to Jodhpur for a ritual to ward off evil spirits for which Asaram had wanted to be alone in the room with the minor on the night of August 15, and Shiva had threatened the girl against disclosing the incident to anyone.

Asaram's son Narayan Sai, in comments which could stroke a controversy, had claimed that the minor girl who levelled the allegations is "mentally unstable".

Police registered charges of sexual assault leveled by a minor against controversial god man Asaram Bapu

After that Police did not arrest him and but they sent the summons.

Police served notice at his ashram in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, asking him to appear before police in Jodhpur for questioning before or on Aug 30.

Asaram announced a reward of Rs 5 lakh to anyone who proves that the victim was sexually assaulted by him.

Asaram also went on to say that he will become slave of the person who will provide evidence and prove him guilty of the crime.

Jodhpur Police Commissioner Biju George Joseph told reporters that
We will wait until August 30 as per the deadline of the summons served on him and if he fails to turn up by August 30, we will send a team to arrest him on August 31

Self-styled godman Asaram Bapu’s son Narain Sai said that his father has no plans to appear before Jodhpur police for questioning over charges of sexual assault on a 16-year-old girl on Friday.

Many BJP leaders are supporting Godman Asaram Bapu and no political party is ready to support the minor girl.

Asaram Bapu's trust reportedly has annual revenue of approximately Rs 400 Crore. The real number could be even more.

September 4, 2013
The district collector of Surat, Jaiprakash Shivhare, slapped a Rs18.37-crore notice on authorities of Asaram Bapu’s ashram in Jahangirpura area of the city.
The matter first came to light in 1996, when Asaram grabbed agricultural land in Jahangirpura to develop his ashram. The land of Survey No 103-1, 103-2, and 103-3 was reserved by Surat Municipal Corporation to construct a water distribution centre.
Gujarat High Court (HC) directed the state government to regularize the ashram.
The ashram officials were ordered to pay Rs18.57 crore towards cost of land, regularization fee, and fine for occupying the land. The ashram has thus far paid only Rs30.30 lakh.
They have failed to pay dues to regularize to illegal structure that was constructed on agricultural land in 1996.
The collector has ordered sealing of the ashram, if the authorities fail to cough up the amount in time.

How Asaram Picked Girls
A close aide and confidant of Asaram, Amrit Prajapati has revealed how Asaram picked the girls
chose girls from the crowd who attended his Satsang.
Asaram had been using this way since many years.
Picking up girls and bringing them to Asaram’s cottage,
Asaram used signals to show his aides about the girl he had chosen. He threw laser lights on the chosen girl while on his way from his cottage to the Satsang stage.
If a girl was amongst the ones standing in welcome, Asaram took some time out to talk to her and in the meanwhile flashed the laser light on the girl three times, one after the other.

Right after receiving the signal, his aides approached the girl and brainwashed her to dedicate herself to Bapu (Asaram).
The girl was then escorted to Asaram’s cottage if she aggress to what the aides had asked her to do.

Asaram book says A devotee should hand over his wife to his guru
Book of Asaram, ‘Shri Gurugita’ has a controversial 38th verse.
This book is published by Asaram’s ashram only.
It is written in the verse that a devotee should donate his body, life and even his wife to his guru.
Published on behalf of Asaram Ashram, on the 14th page of this book, the 38th verse is written is Sanskrit, which means a devotee should sacrifice his body, senses, life, money, family, kin, and even wife to his guru.
The Sanskrit language has also been translated in Gujarati.
Source –
Book of Asaram, ‘Shri Gurugita’ has a controversial 38th verse

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Anonymous,  August 30, 2013  

If Asaram is innocent, why is he running from the police? Most religious leaders exploit the mentally weak. Asaram followers should force Asaram to present himself to interrogation or abandon this crook.

Destination Infinity August 31, 2013  

I didn't know the details of this case - Thanks to your blog post, now I know.

Destination Infinity

chary September 02, 2013  

Thanks for the post, should realize the fact instead of rewarding.

aakash raut May 01, 2016  

My question is, if Asaram Bapuji is not a saint, why and how come was he sent as the ‘Spiritual Representative of India’ to put forth the glory of Sanatan Dharma among the noted spiritual
representatives of different countries across the globe?
Asaram Bapu time to time came forward in a supportive role in the issues of national and Hindutva interest like Ram Setu Movement, Anti-Conversion and the ‘Ghar Wapsi Movement’, Protest against the unjustified arrests of hindu saints- Kanchipeeth-Jayendra Saraswati, Swamy Nithyananda, Kripaluji Maharaj etc. (all framed falsely and later proved innocent by the court).
He escorted and attended various Hindu Sant Sammelanas and Conferences for protection and promotion of Hindutva, where he has been several times honoured by many famous saints and his work for Hindutva has been well acknowldged and appreciated by the eminent personalities time to time.
It’s a well known fact that, as soon as he got arrested in the bogus case of alleged assault, several noted personalities comprising of Hindu religious leaders, patriots and politicians like Shri Ashok Singhal (Vishwa Hindu Parishad), Dr. Subramanian Swamy (Noted Jurist and Senior BJP leader), Pravin Togadiya ji, Dr. Jayant Athavale ji, Shri Kailash Vijaywargiya (Minister, BJP) and many more extended their open support to him calling his arrest as “Unjust” and case as bogus!

Anonymous,  April 05, 2017  

Get your facts correct. I know u want to defame saint asaram bapu. But at least do that correctly. Your point no. 43 is complete trash there's no such verse there.
May be this guru Gita you got from your media source from whom you got all that crap figures.
Pls be serious if you want to defame saints be serious add some more non sense to this so that people as always believe to your media crap.