02 August 2013

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All Parties Agree to Change RTI to save skin of Politicians and Political Parties

All Parties Agree to Change RTI to save skin of Politicians and Political Parties

RTI only exposes corruption and only corrupt people are not ready to come under Right to information act.

Right to information act is a one tool or law to tackle corruption problem and bring transparency in government working and government departments.

June 3, 2013 –
Central Information Commission (CIC) ordered that 6 national parties—
Congress, BJP, BSP, CPI, CPM, and NCP—were public authorities on the grounds that they were substantially funded by the government.
The CIC also directed the parties to appoint public information officers by July 15, an order that was ignored by all six political parties.

Because of the order of CIC, it became necessary for the political parties to change the Right to Information act to save the political parties and politicians.

Congress Government with support of all political parties gave its permission for amending the Right to Information (RTI) Act to exclude political parties from its purview.
The bill will be placed before the monsoon session starting August 5.

Reasons given by the political parties not to come under RTI
RTI would "hamper their smooth internal functioning since it will encourage political rivals to file RTI applications with malicious intentions

So now all political parties have come together and decided to change RTI and now in RIT act it will inserted that
Political parties registered under the Representation of the Peoples Act do not come under the RTI act

If political parties come under the RTI, it will expose the political parties and their corruption or corrupt methods.

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Friday, August 02, 2013

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DWei August 02, 2013  

Let's hope that they actually do something with this.