16 July 2013

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Supreme Court allows Mumbai Dance bar girls to dance Mumbai Night Dance Bars to reopen

Supreme Court allows Mumbai Dance bar girls to dance  Mumbai Night Dance Bars to reopen

Maharashtra had banned dance bar performances in 2005.

Many people thought that the dance bar owners did not pay more bribes to politicians so they decided to ban the dance bars in Mumbai city.

In year 2006 Mumbai Police and Maharashtra government  banned the dance bars saying that they are obscene

Between 2000 and 2005, 222 cases were registered against the bars for obscenity, 34 cases under Immoral Trafficking (Prevention) Act, and 20,196 cases for violation of license norms.

That time many politicians promised that dance bar girls who work as dance girls will get good job and training.

But as per my knowledge, understanding, and reading majority girls after losing the job of dance bar became  prostitutes and others  started to  do private dance shows this means full adult dancing

But government did not ban the dance bars in a hotels which got three star rating or more

After this a petition was filed in the Bombay High Court opposing the ban on dance bars.

In 2006 The Bombay High Court  quashed the ban imposed by the Mumbai police under the impugned provisions of the Act on dance shows in bars and restaurants on the ground that they were obscene, titillating and many of the girls were indulging in prostitution.

After this Maharashtra Government filed an appeal in Supreme Court  of India

After 8  years Supreme Court now uphold the judgement of Bombay High Court quashing Maharashtra government  ban on dance bars

The Supreme court bench of chief justice Altamas Kabir and justice SS Nijjar upheld the right of bar dancers as it rejected the Maharashtra government's plea against the Bombay high court verdict striking down the police orders that bar dancing in hotels below three stars.

Maharashtra state BJP president Devendra Fadnavis  told to media that his party was "totally against the culture of dance bars and they must not function".
He demanded that the government should file a review petition or make suitable amendments to the law.

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Tuesday, July 16, 2013

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DWei July 17, 2013  

Weird that they would ban this at all in the first place.

lina@family tips July 17, 2013  

You can easily find adult dancers at nite clubs here.