28 July 2013

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Maharashtra Dance Bars Owned by Politicians Ban and Corruption and Bribe of Rs. 15 Crore

Maharashtra Dance Bars Owned by Politicians Ban and Corruption and Bribe of Rs. 15 Crore
First Maharashtra politicians and government banned the Dance Bars in Maharashtra state saying the Dance Bars are not good they corrupt the people and society and giving many other reasons.

But reality is that dance bars and full freedom makes the humans honest, Ban gives birth to corruption, and society starts to lose all morals
It starts the chain of corruption, which touches every aspect of the human life.

Politicians say dance bars are source of moral corruption,
The moment you ban them the journey of moral corruption of a society starts.

As per media, reports following are the names of Dance Bars owned by Politicians

Name of Dance Bar - Drumbeat Dance Bar in Tardeo and Mood Bar in Malad,
Owner - Both owned by Bal Thackeray's son, the late Binda Thackeray.
After he died in a car accident, the license was shifted to his wife Madhavi, who has leased it out to be run as orchestra bars.

Bar Name – Savli
Location – Malad
Owner - Shiv Sena legislator and former leader of the party in the assembly, Ramdas Kadam,
the license is in the name of his wife, Jyoti Kadam

Last year Savli bar was raided by inspector Laxman Dhoble in his crusade against Mumbai's nightlife, on charges that it was a front for prostitution.

Dance Bar Name – Neelam
Location – Chembur
Owner - Industries Minister Narayan Rane
It is now in the name of the Nair family, and called Cannon.

Santosh Shetty, a Congress Corporator, is said to own or have a partnership in at least three dance bars, including Titan Dance Bar, in Panvel on the outskirts of Mumbai.

Deepa Bar
Location – Vile Parle
Owner – Mr. Shetty

Jai Maharashtra, TV channel was launched by builder Sudhakar Shetty and that time many politicians attended the launch
Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan, his ministers Narayan Rane and Chhagan Bhujbal, as well as BJP leaders Nitin Gadkari and Gopinath Munde.

Currently I do not know who the owners of above Dance Bars are.

How it all started ban and corruption and bribes

Year 1998 –
Government increased the excise duty on dance bars by almost 300%

Year 2001 –

Government agreed to hike the dance bar dead line by 1 hour from 12.30 am to 1.30 am

Media reported that Opposition parties allege that Maharashtra Home Minister Chaggan Bhujbal, who signed that declaration, was paid off by the bar owners.
BJP leader Vinod Tavde says it was well known that bar owners were paying NCP ministers to extend the deadline

Dance Bar owners became happy

They started to lobby to increase the time up to 3.30 Am

But then RR Patil became the Home Minister.

That time

Manjit Singh told to media that he was approached by two men claiming to represent the state government.
1)Vilas Satam, whose card described him as the Vice President of the NCP's Maharashtra Seva Dal

2)Paresh Patil, who Mr. Singh claims met him at the NCP's office where he had a cabin.

Mr. Singh told to media that they asked for Rs. 5 crore for the party fund in exchange for extending the deadline, which the association agreed to paying as a cheque transaction.

After that, he held a meeting of bar owners and every one contributed to that fund
fixed rate based on their size:
small hotels paid Rs. 25,000,
medium Rs. 50,000
big hotels Rs. 1 lakh.

He said they collected Rs. 5 crore and were ready to pay it

After this Manjit Singh told that, the amount was tripled and they demanded Rs. 15 Crore.
The Dance Bar association was not ready for this

A few months later, the dance bars were banned.

Thus, people started to say that the Dance Bars were banned by politicians as bar owners did not pay them bribes.

After this ban, dance bar association filed an application in High Court

Bombay High Court struck down the Ban on Dance Bars.

Then Politicians, state government filed appeal in the Supreme Court
And once again, Supreme court of India upheld the decision of Bombay High Court and struck down the ban on dance bars.

Bombay High Court in its order said that

We prima facie find that Vilas Satam and Paresh Patil were dealing with Manjit Singh to get the law amended for change of timings of dance bars for a huge consideration. We, therefore, direct the Commissioner of Police, Mumbai, to continue with the ongoing investigation and file a report with this court within the period of three months from today on the outcome of the investigation."

Nobody knows what happened  to this order and investigation

No one has daring to file a contempt petition regarding this in a High Court

Everyone in India fears Politicians and government departments

Why investigation was not carried out?

If they did then what was the result of that investigation

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