22 July 2013

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List of Nine Bollywood stars who cheated on their wives

List of Nine Bollywood stars who cheated on their wives

Raj Babbar

Raj Babbar married to Nadira.

Later he met Smita Patil and both felled in love.

Then Raj Babbar divorced his wife and married to Superstar actress Smita Patil.

Later Smita Patil died of postpartum complications while giving birth to son Prateik.

After that, his first wife Nadira accepted Raj Babbar again in her life.

Dilip Kumar

In year 1966, Superstar Dilip Kumar married to actress Saira Banu.
That time Dilip Kumar was 44 year old and Saira was 22 years old.

Year 1980 –
Dilip Kumar married to Asma a Pakistani woman.

Later Dilip Kumars marriage to Asma broke up.

Later Dilip Kumar went to back to Saira again and she accepted him.

Amitabh Bachchan
Amitabh Bachchan married to Jaya.
Today Amitabh and Rekha do not even acknowledge each other
But in past they were lovers as per media reports after marriage of AB with Jaya the affair with Rekha was on but once it was exposed it stopped but Jaya stayed with her husband AB , knowing about his affair.
It is said that Movie Silsila is based on real-life love triangle between Amitabh, Jaya, and Rekha.
As per media reports
AB  had an affair with Rekha long before he got married to Jaya but unfortunately  the affair did not die after the marriage it took time

Super star Dharmendra married to Prakash Kaur
The couple had two sons together - Sunny and Bobby.
Then Dharmendra met Hema Malini and their romance started it lasted for five years and then he married to Hema Malini.
First wife Prakash Kaur was not ready to give divorce Dharmendra converted accepted Islam.
Hema Malini also accepted Islam and both married in year 1980
The couple went on to have two daughters together - Esha and Ahana.

Raj Kapoor
Raj Kapoor married to Krishna.
Later Raj met Nargis and both started to love with each other, but Raj denied to marry her and later Sunil Dutt saved the life of Nargis and Nargis married him as she knew Raj will never marry her and Sunil loved her.

Aditya Pancholi
Aditya Pancholi married Zarina Wahab
He started his with Kangana Ranaut a young bold and beautiful actress.
Later Aditya broke with Kangan and Zarina accepted him as she knew about the affair.

Kamal Haasan
Superstar Kamal Haasan married to Vani Ganpathy.
Then he met Sarika and both started affair.
Then he divorced his wife and married to Sarika.
Later on Kamal found in love actress Simran Bagga and Sarika filed for divorce.

Boney Kapoor
Boney Kapoor married to Mona.
Later Boney met to Sridevi and their affair started and Sridevi became preganant and everyone came to knew about affair.

Javed Akhtar
Javed Akhtar was to married Honey Irani with two kids Farhan and Zoya
Later he met Shabana Azmi and both fell in love with each other.

Today Bollywood has matured and to make films super hit they report about the affair between actor and actress even if there is no flame.

Today Bollywood ladies they are also grown up they change the partner as soon as they get the news about cheating partner.

Some are so intelligent they got mutual understand about that.

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Monday, July 22, 2013

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MEcoy July 22, 2013  

cheating, men are to weak for such sin

Kirtivasan Ganesan July 23, 2013  

You are saying "Subah Ka boolah jab raat ko aata hai to use boola nahin kehte"
You may also say "Kota Sikka to dono taraf se kota hota hai".
But let us not forget "Sikka aur insaan mein shayad yahi faraq hai".

SM July 24, 2013  

@Kirtivasan Ganesan
Question is if same mistake is done by the wife what will happen?