04 July 2013

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Egypt Army takes full control removes president Mohamed Mursi

Egypt Army takes full control removes president Mohamed Mursi

Egypt Army took full control and removed president Mohamed Mursi and a new interim government.

The state newspaper Al-Ahram said the military had told Morsi at 7pm (1700 GMT) that he was no longer head of state.

The country's two main religious leaders, the head of the Al-Azhar Islamic institute and the Coptic Pope, both expressed their support for the army's roadmap in speeches after Sisi, as did the main liberal opposition leader, Nobel peace laureate Mohamed El Baradei.

The leaders of Mr. Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood party were banned from leaving the country, with airports put on alert. Local media reported that Mohammed Badie, the group’s Supreme Guide, was turned back from the Libyan border.

There are chances that now civil war may start in Egypt between Muslim Brotherhood and Army.

US Presidents Barack Obama said that he had ordered a review into the $1.5 billion (£980 million) in US foreign aid to Egypt after Mr. Morsi was ousted.
The US president said he was “deeply concerned” by the military’s move, but he stopped short of calling it a coup. By law, the US must suspend aid to any country whose elected leader is ousted in a military coup.

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Thursday, July 04, 2013

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Renu July 04, 2013  

No country totally goes by law..

DWei July 04, 2013  

When even the army turns against the government, you know things are bad.

About time.

MEcoy July 04, 2013  

there's still a lot of mess there huh

Destination Infinity July 05, 2013  

How then Pakistan got so much aid even when the army head was in power, removing the democratically elected govt?

Destination Infinity

SM July 06, 2013  

@Destination Infinity
US has banned pakistan funds many times