30 July 2013

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Congress clears Telangana state Telangana state time line History of Telangana State

Congress clears Telangana state Telangana state time line History of Telangana State

Congress Working Committee CWC, unanimously passed  a resolution endorsing the formation of the state of Telangana.

Hyderabad has been made common capital of Andhra Pradesh and the new Telangana states for a period of 10 years

Telangana will have 10 districts of Andhra Pradesh

Let’s us hope this time  Congress and BJP come together, and pass the Telangana statehood bill in Parliament

Timeline Telangana formation

The Indian Army annexed princely state of Hyderabad, which had different regions including Telangana.

Telangana became Hyderabad state with appointment of a senior administrator MA Vellodi as the chief minister.

Nov 1, 1956:
Telangana was merged with Andhra State, which was carved out of Madras State, to form Andhra Pradesh, a united state for Telugu-speaking people.

'Jai Telangana' movement for separate statehood to Telangana began.
Over 300 people killed in police firing.

'Jai Andhra' movement began in coastal Andhra for separate Andhra state.

Presidential order issued to implement Six-Point Formula, providing some safeguards to Telangana.

BJP supported Telangana

K. Chandrasekhara Rao floated Telangana Rashtra Samithi (TRS) to revive the Telangana movement.

TRS fought elections in alliance with the Congress, won 5 Lok Sabha and 26 assembly seats. The UPA included the issue in its common minimum programme and formed a three-member committee headed by Pranab Mukherjee.

TDP announced support for Telangana demand.

October 2009:
Chandrasekhara Rao began fast-unto-death for separate Telangana state.

December 9, 2009:
Centre announced its decision to initiate the process for formation of Telangana state.

February 3, 2010:
Centre set up five-member Srikrishna Committee to look into Telangana issue.

December 2010:
Srikrishna Committee submitted its report, suggested six options.

July 26, 2013:
Congress core group held another meeting,
Digvijaya Singh said Congress Working Committee (CWC) and UPA will take a final decision.

July 30, 2013:
UPA coordination panel and CWC met and decided to carve out Telangana state.

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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

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DWei July 31, 2013  

Hm, interesting.

Destination Infinity July 31, 2013  

So, when is it actually going to happen - The official formation of two states? I wonder which city will be the capital of Seemandhra.

Destination Infinity

SM August 01, 2013  

@Destination Infinity
will take nearly 10 or 12 months.