14 June 2013

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Know 11 Steps towards living healthy and happy life

Know 11 Steps towards living healthy and happy life

Following are the 11 steps towards living healthy happy life

If your heart says what you are doing is wrong don’t do, avoid it or postpone that act
Say that I will do it tomorrow, each day say it I will do it tomorrow

Be honest say exactly what you want to say

Do not be a people pleasure or don’t think what society will say do what your heart says
But check the laws as majority countries treat citizens as slaves

Learn to trust your heart and soul Trust your instincts

In public life or in private life never speak bad about yourself

Never give up on your dreams
Never dream impossible be realistic with your dreams

Learn to say No to friends and family
Don’t be afraid to say No
No means No
Politely say No and stick to it.
Think before saying No

Learn to say yes
Don’t be afraid to say yes
Yes means yes
Politely say yes and stick to it
Think before saying yes

Learn to love yourself
Be kind to yourself

Don’t feel guilty for the events, which you cannot control
Just think you tried your best

Stay away from negative thinking be realistic with your life

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Friday, June 14, 2013

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MEcoy June 15, 2013  

well that sure will work! thanks for sharing

Unknown June 15, 2013  

Exploring some self-development topics these days, is it? :)

Destination Infinity

Usha June 16, 2013  

Good points, paying heed to all these 11 points will definitely bring peaceful and happy life.

sm, Thanks for sharing.