07 June 2013

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10 Facts DA Corruption Case CBI closes Case against Vincent George no Evidence after 12 Years

10 Facts DA Corruption Case CBI closes Case against Vincent George no Evidence after 12 Years

The Central Bureau of Investigation has closed a disproportionate assets case lodged 12 years ago against UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi's former personal secretary Vincent George.

GEORGE is Keralite, born in a lower middle class family in Pathanamthitta district,
Came to Delhi in search of a job in 1974.
He was then in his 20s.
Then after few months George started to work as a typist in the Congress office
George spent the next few years behind a typewriter.
Then he was moved to Indira Gandhi's office in the early '80s
Later, Kamlapathi Tripathi, then working president of the Congress, replaced his secretary Raghu with George.
George worked with Sanjay for a short period, before he was killed in an air crash.
In year 1984 When Rajiv Gandhi swept to power George became his private secretary, a government appointment that entitled him to the rank of a middle-level bureaucrat.
He went from working in Indira Gandhi’s office, to becoming the secretary for Sanjay Gandhi and later the private secretary of Rajiv Gandhi

Facts about the case

THE Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) has registered on March 21, 2001 a case against Vincent George, personal secretary to Congress (I) president Sonia Gandhi, accusing him of amassing wealth disproportionate to his known sources of income.
CBI zeroed in on Geroge after former Enforcement Directorate deputy director Ashok Aggarwal made several disclosures about Sonia Gandhi's aide.

The CBI has registered the case against Vincent George under Section 13(2) and Section 13(I) (E) of the Prevention of Corruption Act (acquisition of disproportionate assets).

What was under scanner by CBI -?
George's amassing of wealth during the period between November 1984 and December 1990. During that period, George was personal secretary to Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.

The CBI considered the legitimate income of George, his wife Lily and children Dennis and Priyana during the "check period" and fixed it at Rs.8.84 lakhs.
It was found out that as many as 11 fixed deposits, amounting to Rs.13.40 lakhs, existed in the names of Lily George and the two children

According to the CBI, the assets of George and his family increased lot after 1990.
His properties included houses and shops in South Delhi, a house in Bangalore, a plot in Chennai, land in Kerala and farmland on the outskirts of Delhi.
He was found to have over Rs 1.5 crore in his bank accounts.
George received were deposits of Rs 1.25 crores in November 1991,
Rs 41 lakh in December 1991,
Rs 70 lakh in December 1992,
Rs.20 lakh in March 1995,
Rs 71 lakh in January 1996,
 And Rs. 30 lakh in March 1997 and Rs 25 lakh in November 1999.

The CBI said the purchase of assets was facilitated by huge "cash gifts" from abroad
CBI suspected these were hawala remittances.
The money was sent abroad through illegal channels and brought back through banking channels as 'cash gifts'
George paid Rs 8.5 million by cheque for a house in Anand Niketan, and owns two shops in the World Trade Centre at Connaught Place

George reportedly claimed cash deposits were "gifts", and the rest were "business transactions" conducted by his wife's two firms, Lilliens Exports and Diana Agencies.
CBI concluded that the "business transactions" did not appear to be "genuine".

In 2002, letters rogatory were sent to the US authorities
CBI requests seeking evidence from the United States remained unanswered for nearly 10 years
In these 10 years of time, how many times the letters were written to USA officially regarding this case is not clear and is not mentioned by Media.

CBI failed to collect the evidence and CBI failed to get the details from USA.

Thus, CBI withdrew the case, citing "insufficient evidence" in its closure report

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