03 May 2013

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Railway Bribery Case CBI Arrested Mahesh Kumar and Vijay Singla, nephew of Railway Minister Pawan Kumar Bansal

Railway Bribery Case  CBI Arrested Mahesh Kumar and Vijay Singla, nephew of Railway Minister Pawan Kumar Bansal

CBI arrested Vijay Singla, the nephew of Railway Minister Pawan Kumar Bansal on bribery charges.

Mahesh Kumar was the GM Western Railways and on Thursday Mahesh Kumar became the Railway Board Member.

CBI also arrested Railway Board Member Mahesh Kumar,
Mahesh Kumar is accused of paying bribe of Rs. 90 Lakh for a Promotion.

V Singla was arrested in Chandigarh for accepting Rs.90 lakh in cash from Manjunath, the conduit of Kumar

In a secret operation, CBI kept a watch on Kumar's movements and phone calls and swooped down on Singla at the time of bribe payment.
Both Singla and Manjunath were taken to the CBI office in the city where they were placed under arrest.

Kumar was arrested in Mumbai by a CBI team soon after he had flown in from Delhi.

CBI also arrested Sandip Goyal who allegedly assisted in brokering the deal.

Narain Rao Manjunath is charged with paying the bribe for suspended Railway Board member Mahesh Kumar

Narain Rao Manjunath is a managing director of the Bengaluru-based G G Tronics India Private Limited; the company is involved in designing and manufacturing Electronic Safety Embedded Systems for the Indian Railways.

Mahesh Kumar has a Guinness World Record in his name for commissioning the world's 'Largest Route Relay Interlocking' at Old Delhi Railway Station in the shortest possible time of 36 hours.

Updated on Sunday, May 05, 2013

On Saturday, CBI arrested Rahul Yadav, one of the middlemen, named in the FIR,

CBI also arrested two courier boys, who allegedly delivered Rs. 90 lakh cash as bribe to Bansal's nephew for fixing the promotion of a Railway Board member

So far, CBI has arrested seven persons.

Singla, had allegedly demanded Rs. 10 crore for getting Kumar posted as member (electrical) which is considered next to Railway Board chairman in hierarchy.

On Saturday night, Mahesh Kumar was suspended.

The member (electrical) takes all final  decisions he is final authority regarding all contracts

award annual contracts for rail electrification

contracts for the supply of electricity

Contracts for air-conditioning

Contracts for  generator power

Contracts for all railway infrastructure

awarding contracts for procuring equipment for upgrade of signaling and telecom systems

In future Member electrical will become crucial for passing tenders of over Rs 2000 crore worth of railway projects

Because of above, there is a great scope to earn and get the bribes in millions and billions.

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Friday, May 03, 2013

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