28 May 2013

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13 effects of Robots on Humans and World in next 100 Years

13 effects of Robots  on Humans and World in next 100 Years

Today Science is moving fast regarding technological development in creating and  working of Robots towards perfection, a male or female Robot with skin and human behavior

In next 100 Years, the Robots will become main part of human life.
Robots will learn to take, carry out work or their specialized jobs independently without the control of Human with perfection.

So what will happen in next 100 Years?

Males will marry female human robots.

Females will marry male human robots

Owners of Robots will start to find brides or husbands for their robots.

Robots will drive the cars.

Robots will take over road, air, sea, and space transportation.

Robots will fight the wars on land, sea air, and space.

The manufactures of Robot companies will become very rich.

Robots will perform medical operations, surgeries with 100% accuracy.

Robots will do the mining jobs.

Robots will do the construction jobs.

Robots will run the hotels will be chefs and waiters; Currently in China Robots are working in Hotel industry.

Robots will travel in Space will go where no Man has gone before, Robots will find the another earth for humans to colonize

Robots will change everything; our world will not remain same.
It will even become difficult to recognize easily who is human and who is Robot created by the God know and called as Human.

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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

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MEcoy May 29, 2013  

well i ca;t think of those to happen but it reminds me so much of the movie AI