05 April 2013

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Top Seven Indian Television Shows Fool’s Paradise

Top Seven Indian Television Shows Fool’s Paradise

Following is the list of Television shows which if anyone watches travels and enjoys the journey to fool’s Paradise everyday

Television show –

Type Mother in law and daughter in law type daily television soaps shows

So what happens in this type of television shows daily soaps

There is one 18 Year old [ cow ]  girl who is educated  but so foolish that she does not understand  anything which can be understood by 6 or 7 year old kids.

In this type of serial every day now and then, everyone rapes her orally and she like a fool girl everyday accepts that.

In these type of serial second mistake –

Hero and his wife both are between 20 to age 40 forever
Kids and their kids and their kids everyone
Say 5 to 6 generations all are young and healthy like 18-year-old boys and girls.

Third mistake in fool’s Paradise

Hero dies and he is burned and after few years he comes back claims that he was alive , but at the time of death if one has good memory he can easily remember that the original hero was dead and family did not burned the body of another male or female they actually burned the real body of real hero.

Fourth mistake in fool’s paradise

Family in TV show does not have a bike or money to buy bus ticket or for travelling and they live in very big, house, well-furnished house, which can be possessed by only a rich family.

Fifth mistake

Same incidents keeps happening first hero becomes mad, then  heroine becomes mad, then again hero becomes mad and then again heroine of the television show becomes mad.

Sixth Mistake –

They will never touch the topic of sex between hero and heroine it’s very rare like it is a sin
Or say husband and wife and sexual topic like planning kids or enjoying sex or something like this

It’s magic how the heroine in the serial becomes pregnant and after baby, she does not become a little bit fat stays just like 20-year-old girl after baby.

Seventh Mistake –

All male characters have no role in serial all females rule the serials, which rarely happens in Indian family.

Many Indian families one can easily see that if wife earns more than husband then also wife tells everyone that  her salary is less than her  husband and the salary of the wife also goes into the bank account of husband.

If we watch such type of television shows daily shows then
we everyday travel to the fool’s paradise.

I just do not know who is  fool no.1 who watches such television shows

May be I am fool No.1

Reality views by sm –

Friday, April 05, 2013

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Usha April 05, 2013  

sm, I had a good laugh. :D well written,good to see some one is talking about these terrible serial shows. Last serial show I remember seeing religiously was Swabhiman, that time there were many good serials..after that I have not watched any hindi serials because I have no access to hindi TV channels and I can not watch those horrible serial shows on youtube.( I have heard some of them are good.)

I do have some south Indian chennel access and when these Malyalam serials are on I can not sit and watch for 2 minutes, I find them highly disturbing. I don't understand woman beating woman, woman abusing woman, men hitting woman in presence of 10 family members, no male ever come to rescue woman. Serials are full of murders and cruel conspiracies. Why most of the time woman are shown as villains, they act so cruel. I fail to understand why even such serials are approved?

Your observations are true.Is it going to improve any time in future?

MEcoy April 06, 2013  

well im so sick of our tv dramas! it was different characters ye same plot

BK Chowla, April 07, 2013  

Very intersting.I suggest,you write a script for Ektaa Kapoor

Hindi TV Shows May 30, 2013  

Really nice post and agree with you @SM. But as Hindi TV shows are changing as per international standard and many new ideas and story we can see, mostly in mythological drama series

TV Shows Online July 02, 2013  

@ Hindi TV Shows,
I agree with you. New concepts have come into play, like reduction in the advertisement time. There was a point when, an hour long show would feature ads for around 30 minutes. This time has been reduced over the years and as of October networks will be allowed to show only 12 minutes of ads for every hour of entertainment.