15 April 2013

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High Court upholds Ban by FDA to Step up Body Growth Formula Get Tall Television Advertisement

High Court upholds Ban by FDA to Step up Body Growth Formula Get Tall Television Advertisement

The product in question is a drug named 'Step Up Body Growth Formula', manufactured in Indore, Madhya Pradesh.

FDA had asked TV channels to stop telecasting the advertisement, bringing to their notice provisions of the Drugs and Magical Remedies (Objectionable Advertisements) Act, 1954, which prohibits advertisements of drugs for diagnosis or treatment of diseases.

Bombay High Court upheld state Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) ban on a television advertisement on a 'body growth formula powder'.
The advertisement had suggested that using the powder can increase height at any stage.
The advertisement further claimed that the medicine was formulated using rare herbs procured from the Himalayas and African jungles.
advertisement has claimed that "years of research has led to the discovery that development of the human body can take place at any age

The court was hearing a petition filed by GMT Teleshopping Pvt Ltd, which had opposed the FDA action.

FDA told that license was issued to the company for a medicine, which was helpful in body development, and not for the growth of physical stature of a person.

On Indian Television media, one can find many such advertisements, which claim anything
Examples –

Buy a locket become rich

Do something and become rich or get girl friend

Contact Baba and get rid of black magic, get a desires wife or girlfriend or get rid of enemies

Are you black use this cream and become Gora that is fair

FDA needs to ban all such advertisements as India is limited democracy in every aspect thus our freedom is also limited

Only exception is Politicians they have no limits they can do anything and say anything.

Watch the advertisement video of Step up Body Growth Formula Get Tall Television Advertisement

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Monday, April 15, 2013

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MEcoy April 15, 2013  

well commercials was just unrealistic as ever, meant to deceive consumers

rudraprayaga April 15, 2013  

People quite often fall into such traps especially when it comes on visual media.Thank you for the information.

Usha April 16, 2013  

Good this fake drug advertisement is banned. This is short term money making scheme by fooling people with false promises..3000Rs Price is very high. I wonder how that film actress accepted offer to give false advertisement?

Unknown April 20, 2015  

all are corrupted.the indian gov. nd these products all are fake ...nothing will stoped..gtm now also broadcasting nd selling their products....shame on indian gov.

Prashant tare October 14, 2015  

Now coming on TV growth on product for hight increase. It's copy of step up..I wanting. ...plez FDA conform and banned. .its shamefully. Yaaaaarrrr. Plez FDA research it