24 April 2013

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Goa Government Bans Drinking Liquor on Goa Beaches Know real reason behind Goa liquor Ban

Goa Government Bans Drinking Liquor on Goa Beaches Know real reason behind Goa liquor Ban

Goa state tourism department has ordered the Indian Reserve Battalion (IRB) not to allow anybody to step on the beach with alcohol or glass bottles.

IRB has been deployed on the Goa beaches to provide round the clock security.

The ban has been imposed under
Goa Tourist Places (Protection and Maintenance) Act which gives the right to the state government to ban things which create nuisance in the tourism zones.

Goa Tourism Director Nikhil Desai told reporters that the violation will attract arrest and  the prohibition order is not applicable to drinking in licensed shacks or any other places where retail sale of liquor is allowed.

Reason for the ban –

Broken glasses scattered on beaches of the state

prevent eve teasing on the beaches

To reduce rising crimes against women

Reality views

Difference of Prices between liquor from home and buy liquor and drinking in a shop

Who will benefit

In a licensed shop, one can drink the liquor and he will go on the beach and do what he wishes to do

How many times you read or heard that a drunkard has raped a female or he was found eve teasing

For me I have never heard or read or seen

I have always seen the drunkards sleeping on road or like these places.

Majority time’s crime of rape is committed by the person whom girl knows or who is a family member.

Just think who will benefit because of this ban?

Just think who owns the licenses shops near the beaches?

Just think who owns the licenses hotels near the beaches?

What about fundamental rights?

Who is government to tell  what one can do on beach or not?

If people are doing eve teasing, arrest them why to ban drinking

Next step is banning the bikini on beach?

Next step ban the jeans?

Yes, ban everything as after all we got limited democracy and we are slaves of the politicians.

Clarification – I do not drink any type of drinks not even wines.

Important is freedom of Indian citizens

Reality views by sm-

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

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MEcoy April 25, 2013  

i guess that's a right thing to do to fight crimes

deeps April 26, 2013  

the first reason is good one... the other two is of different nature altogether...

Unknown June 02, 2013