06 April 2013

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Arvind Kejriwal Ends Fast system of Jal Swaraj will be introduced

Arvind Kejriwal Ends Fast on 15th Day   system of Jal Swaraj will be introduced

On 15th day AAP leader, Arvind Kejriwal ended his fast.

He lost 9 KG weight.

AK began his fast - March 23 and ended on April 6, 2013

To pass good laws AAP needs to win the elections
When good laws will be passed, the corruption will be reduced automatically.

Arvind Kejriwal  told to media that if AAP comes to power wins elections then

1)    tariff  will be reduced by half for 24X7 power

2)water up to 20 kilolitre free for all domestic connections - free 20 kl water for all connections =  Rs. 460 crore, "which can easily be compensated by cancelling the fraudulent contract worth Rs. 519 crore allotted to a private company for water distribution in Malviya Nagar. AAP had already said there is a Rs. 3500 crore scam at the Nangloi project.

3)Except for really rich people, all others' arrears would be waived off till November

4)there would be a system of 'Jal Swaraj' in all Delhi localities where people themselves collect water bills and themselves carry out water management

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Saturday, April 06, 2013

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MEcoy April 06, 2013  

another informative post sm

rudraprayaga April 06, 2013  

AK's idea if materialised is well and good.But how far it is feasible,nobody can predict because India is fully immersed in scam! scam!.Lifting from it?Information -giving.