11 April 2013

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After Winning 2 Olympic Medals Sita Sahu Now Selling Pani Puri in Slum promising career lost

After Winning 2 Olympic Medals  Sita Sahu  Now Selling Pani Puri  in Slum promising career lost


Sita Sahu, a mentally challenged teenager from Rewa won  two bronze medals at the 2011 Athens special Olympics

Sita Sahu  accompanied seven other kids to Shivraj Singh Chauhan's residence on June 8, 2011 for tea with the chief minister.

She  returned  on July 6, 2011 from Athens with two bronze medals -in 200 metres and 1,600 metres- from the special Games.

After this people announced cash prizes for her but as words, promises  remained words and poor Olympic Winner got nothing.

Social justice minister Gopal Bhargava had announced

1)Rs 1 lakh for gold

2)Rs 75,000 for silver

3)Rs 50,000 for bronze

Thus, Sita was entitled to Rs 1 lakh. But nothing came her way despite several reminders

Sita's mother, Kiran Sahu, told to TOI that
"They promised her the moon, but nothing has come her way.
Now we have decided to teach her other skills that would fetch money,"
My daughter can roll out perfectly round 'gol gappas' and fry them golden brown,"

She became champion and won medals without any help from government of India.

Today Olympic Medal winner Sita Sahu   helps her mother sell 'gol gappas' in a slum area

Government  neglect has stopped the 15-year-old athlete's promising career in tracks.

Gol Gappa another name is Pani Puri
It is a popular street side snack in India.

Gol Gappa Pani Puri Photo

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

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Sandhya April 11, 2013  

If some TV channel takes this up, she might get some help, I think. Politicians everywhere is the same.

DWei April 11, 2013  

What a shame, this really needs to be publicized more.

MEcoy April 11, 2013  

another great post sm

ra April 11, 2013  

what a shame!