15 March 2013

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Why Corruption is flourishing in India Case of Tinoo and Arvind Joshi IAS couple

Why Corruption is flourishing in India Case of Tinoo and Arvind Joshi IAS couple

Tinu Joshi and Arvind Joshi = Both IAS officers , A couple

Year 2010 –
Income Tax officials had raided the official residence of the Joshi couple at Bhopal in 2010 and recovered

a)over Rs 3.5 crore cash

b)documents related to big  properties

c)other valuables

Disproportionate to their known sources of income.

Crime happened before year 2010, it was detected, and some honest officials took the action and raided the couple.

Crime was proven on same day when Income tax officials found cash over Rs. 3.5 Crore.

The Lokayukta had  sent a report to the State Law Department seeking sanction to prosecute the two IAS officers under the Prevention of Corruption Act.

Empowered Committee of the General Administration Department (GAD) headed by GAD Principal Secretary Abha Asthana submitted its report to him.

Year = March 15, 2013

Now after 3 years Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan has given his nod to prosecute suspended IAS couple Arvind and Tinoo Joshi.

What happened in this case.

3 years of Delay in this case which shows and encourages to other IAS officers continue doing corruption as there will be  delay and delay and delay and delay and delay in their punishments if they are  by chance found by someone.

Now the case will start and it will reach to Suprme Court of India after 10 years or 30 years and thus their will be no real justice
what is use of punishing old couple?

Who is responsible for such a delay?

The system and laws are responsible for such delay.

For a Facebook comment  Police can arrest  innocent girls
For  just sharing a Facebook article Police can arrest directly

Why when Crime is proven then also  Police need permission of Chief Minister and government in such cases.

We need to reform such laws, and discard allow the discretionary powers enjoyed by all elected politicians including Chief Minister and Prime Minister also.

Justice Delayed Justice Denied

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Friday, March 15, 2013

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MEcoy March 15, 2013  

at every country there was always corruptions
and I guess there will always be

Happy Kitten March 15, 2013  

Nip in the bud else the whole system will rot..

Destination Infinity March 16, 2013  

Fortunately, punishment or no punishment, KARMA will eventually take-over. One cannot buy/influence their KARMA.

Destination Infinity

Usha March 17, 2013  

I fail to understand how IAS officers get such a huge amount of cash flow to build empire of properties? 3.5 crore cash in home? What to do with so much money?

They no more hold their positions but are they living free in society? Hope they soon face consequences so that other IAS officers don't follow their path.

Thanks for posting this news.

BK Chowla, March 18, 2013  

Why only this couple?
Corruption is almost like routine for those in power

newsxlive May 23, 2013  

this is totally fraud.desh se bhagao sabko