12 March 2013

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Supreme Court of India cheated by Italian Marines Will not return to India to face murder charge from Italy

Supreme Court of India cheated by Italian Marines Will not return to India to face murder charge from Italy

February 2012 –
Massimiliano Lattore and Salvatore Girone, charged with homicide for killing two fishermen off Kerala in February 2012 in alleged an anti-piracy operation.

February 15, 2012 - The two marines were on board the Italian vessel Enrica Lexie, when they had shot dead the two fishermen

On the name of Christmas holidays, first, they went to Italy and they came back.
Why they went?

Because Court gave them permission.

Why not the family of accused did come to India to spend holidays with them in India?

Just think.

Again, after this on the name of voting in elections they again went to Italy.

under the Italian law, the marines were not entitled to cast their votes through postal ballot.

January 18 -
The Supreme of India in its order dated January 18  said directed following

Supreme Court of India had directed that the accused be shifted to Delhi and be under the ‘custody’ of the Supreme Court till the Centre constitutes a special court to hold their trial.

“Union of India is, therefore, directed, in consultation with the Chief Justice of India, to set up a special court to try this case and to dispose of the same...,” 

Feb 2013 -

A three-judge Bench of Chief Justice while granting the permission on an application from the marines and the Italian government, questioned the Union government

why it was “dragging its feet” on setting up a special court to conduct the trial.
The Bench referred to the January 18 order directing the Centre to consult the Chief Justice of India (CJI) to set up a special court and questioned why no steps were taken in this regard.

The CJI asked Additional Solicitor-General (ASG) P.P. Malhotra,
“Why the Centre is dragging its feet? Nobody has made an attempt for consultation for setting up of the court.”

When the latter said the issue was under consideration,

the former said, “How long will it take?

If the court had been set up, the trial in the case could have been over.

Why is it late?

 It would have by now decided whether they are guilty or not. We are inclined to allow the prayer.”

and Marines got the permission to go to Italy.

On January 18, the Supreme Court had turned down the Italian government’s plea that the Indian courts had no jurisdiction in the case and had held that the two marines should be tried by the Centre by constituting a special court to conduct their trial.

Supreme Court Bench said that The incident of firing from the Italian vessel on the Indian shipping vessel having occurred within the Contiguous Zone, the Union of India is entitled to prosecute the two Italian marines under the criminal justice system prevalent in the country,”

Supreme Court of India allowed them gave them permission to go to Italy for four weeks for voting in last month’s election.

The Supreme Court of India had on February 22 permitted the 2 marines to travel to their country to cast vote in the February 24 and 25 elections there.

Now Italian government in a statement inform to Indian government that

“Italy has informed the Indian government that, given the formal initiation of an international dispute between the two states, the marines Massimiliano Latorre and Salvatore Girone will not return to India at the end of their home leave granted to them,”

The statement said that India’s decision to hold trial of the marines in that country violated their rights under International law. Italy has argued that the marines should be tried in their home country.

What about the Supreme Court of India and its permission?

This is the direct contempt of Supreme Court of India do you think Supreme Court of India should take strict action against this cheating by 2 Marines who got the permission from Court by sweet talking and ran away and now they are saying we will not return to face the trial in India.

Currently Italy Helicopter scam  is going on,
in which I do not know any Politician is involved or not.
Just think if Politician is involved what will happen.

This was expected may be on first visit they prepared the defense and stratergy and on second visit, they ran away as there plan was ready how to fool India and Indian citizens.

This clearly shows that they do not trust Supreme Court of India, our Judicial system.

Officially, the four-week leave granted to the marines comes to an end on March 22. 

In this case what India should do?

End all the foreign  relations with the Italy?

Boycott Italy forever?

Issue Red Corner Notice Against the two Marines?

Do you think Government of India will be able to bring back them to India and show that Indian politicians are honest.

Honesty will bring back them to India to face trial?

Dishonesty will delay the case just like Bhopal Gas Case.

Lesson learned is never ever allow anyone to go to outside India if that accused is facing trial in Indian courts.

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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

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Kirtivasan Ganesan March 12, 2013  

Some powerful people are greedy and do things for money. When they came to India they should have been arrested. But not. They went back in pretext of voting. Now government of Italy is saying nothing doing, you Indians have not arrested them earlier. Why should we send them back again? It has now become international case.
Corruption is corroding the country. You are absolutely right here. Few powerful people are acting against the good of country. Who are these people? What is their motive? You are concentrating in the right direction.

रविकर March 12, 2013  

(१ )
टिली-लिली टिल्ला टिका, टिल्ले बड़ा नवीस ।
इटली के व्यवहार पर, फिर से निकली खीस ।
टिली-लिली = अंगूठा दिखाना
टिल्ला= धक्का
टिल्ले-नवीस = बहाने बाजी
टली वापसी सिरों की, पाक-जियारत पूर ।
मछुवारों के मौत का, अभी फैसला दूर ।

अभी फैसला दूर, मिली नहिं चॉपर फ़ाइल ।
कातिल गए स्वदेश, फंसा इक और मिसाइल ।

भेजे सुप्रिम-कोर्ट, देखिये बढ़ी बेबसी ।
कातिल नातेदार, नहीं देगा अब इटली ॥

Destination Infinity March 12, 2013  

I hope Indian Govt. will take it up with Italy/international courts. It's high-time people realize that a gun is not a toy and it cannot be used indiscriminately in the name of 'defense'.

Uniformed personnel should be even more careful while using weapons, and looks like the Italians take exception to these things...

One way in which we can respond is - Indian citizens should stop going to Italy for tourism until the marines are returned to India.

Destination Infinity

DWei March 12, 2013  

Sounds like a massive pile of redtape and other politcal jargon.

rudraprayaga March 13, 2013  

Foreigners can exhibit their the power here.Bhopal, Bofors etc took place in this soil only.Everything is apart of political game especially when connected with Italy.