04 March 2013

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Orissa after 100 Years Villagers Get Right to harvest Bamboo banned by British Rulers

Orissa after 100 Years Villagers Get Right to harvest Bamboo banned by British Rulers

Today also, In India we are following all the British Rules and laws.

In year, 1927 British Rulers passed the forest act and all land in tribal areas was declared forest land.

After that, forest officials started to treat tribal people as enemies and criminals regarding forest land and forest bamboo etc.

Now after 100 Years the villagers in Odisha’s Kalahandi-Bolangir-Koraput region got back the rights that had been snatched away by the British rulers and till today, which was followed and implemented in an Independent India.

The official transit passbook for cultivation and harvest of bamboo was handed over to the Jamguda Gram Sabha by Orissa forest officials.

Jamguda became the first village in Odisha to be provided community rights to harvest and sell bamboo under the Forest Rights Act, 2006.

Mendha Lekha in Gadchiroli district of Maharashtra was the first village in the country to have been given bamboo transit passbooks in April 2011.

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Monday, March 04, 2013

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Sandhya March 04, 2013  

The influence of British will never go out from our land, I think! Thanks for the information, SM

MEcoy March 04, 2013  

100 years for that long? gosh that is quite a history

Destination Infinity March 05, 2013  

Bamboo cultivation and trading is restricted in India? I was not aware of this. Anyway, let's hope for a new India with a lot of bamboo instead of concrete... :)

Destination Infinity

rudraprayaga March 06, 2013  

The western ghost still doesn't disappear from this soil since Indians do not want to break the chain of slavery.Thank you for the information.