11 March 2013

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More than 1000 IAS officers did not submit their property returns state wise list

More than 1000 IAS officers did not submit their property returns state wise list

The total sanctioned strength of IAS is 6,217, including 1,339 promotion posts.
Of these, 4,737 officers are in position.

It is compulsory for an all-India service officer to file property returns of a year by January end of the following year,

If they do not submit what happens?
Failing which promotion and empanelment to senior level postings may be denied

Year 2010
As many as 198 IAS officials did not give their property details for 2010.

Year 2011
107 IAS officers who have not submitted their IPRs for 2011.

Year 2012 –
1,057 Indian Administrative Services (IAS) officers have failed to submit their immovable property returns to the government within the stipulated period this year.

According to Department of Personnel and Training data following is the number of officers who
have not given their IPRs

a)147 are from Uttar Pradesh cadre

b)114 of Arunachal Pradesh-Goa-Mizoram-Union Territories (AGMUT)

c)100 of Manipur-Tripura

d)96 of Jammu and Kashmir

e)88 of Madhya Pradesh cadre

f)58 IAS officers of Karnataka cadre

g)53 of Andhra Pradesh

h)48 of Punjab

i)47 of Orissa

j)45 of West Bengal

k)40 of Himachal Pradesh

l)35 of Haryana

m)25 of Jharkhand

n)23 of Assam-Meghalaya

o)22 of Rajasthan

p)20 of Tamil Nadu

q)17 of Maharashtra

r)16 of Nagaland

s)14 of Gujarat

t) 13 of Bihar

u)10 of Kerala

v)9 of Uttarakhand

w)9 of  Chhattisgarh

x)8 of Sikkim cadre

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Monday, March 11, 2013

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Destination Infinity March 11, 2013  

SM, what is property returns? Do they have to declare how much property they have or have they not paid their property tax?

Destination Infinity

deeps March 11, 2013  

nothing surprising

virendra sharma March 11, 2013  

good job sir ,good update .

MEcoy March 11, 2013  

another informative and well detailed post sm

SM March 11, 2013  

@Destination Infinity
They have to declare how much property they have.

jagadish kumar chavala March 12, 2013  

hi this is jagadish kumar, really great work you have done this is the better site i have visited for good news

rudraprayaga March 12, 2013  

A post in details.No wonder.Again I would say this is India.