09 March 2013

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L & T Banned by World Bank for Forgery, for fraudulent practices for six months What India Did

L & T Banned by World Bank for Forgery, for fraudulent practices for six months What India Did

World Bank has barred Larsen & Toubro (L&T) from doing any business with it or the projects funded by it for 6 months, after finding that a senior executive of the Indian conglomerate has indulged in fraud.

The debarment will continue till September 6

Sanction order issued by the World Bank on March 7 said that
L&T's ineligibility would continue across the entire World Bank group and has been imposed on L&T "for fraudulent practices" as per the bank's Procurement Guidelines against Fraud and Corruption.

Ban means what will happen it will make L & T ineligible for

being awarded contracts for any World Bank- funded projects

from receiving any loan proceeds made by the Bank

participating in any Bank-financed project

any of the entities controlled directly or indirectly by L & T can't be nominated even subcontractor, consultant, manufacturer, supplier or even service provider to an otherwise eligible firm being awarded a World Bank-financed project

How the forgery Happen, how the Scam Happened?

January 2005 –
The World Bank Group had entered into a Development Credit Agreement with the Indian government to provide USD 110.83 million of International Development Association credit for the Tamil Nadu Health Systems Project.

Object of the Project - It was set up to improve the effectiveness of health systems in the state by increasing access to critical health services for poor, disadvantaged and tribal groups.

Year – July 2008 –
Tamil Nadu Medical Service Corporation issued bidding documents for a contract to supply 130 ultrasound scanners under the Project.

September 3, 2008-
L&T submitted a bid on September 3, 2008 through the said Regional Business Head.

L&T's bid was found to be the lowest-priced.

Later complaint was received that some of the certificates submitted with the bid might have been forged.

The bid contained a total 115 performance certificates purportedly issued by medical facilities stating that the ultrasound scanners supplied by L&T were working well.

After looking into the matter, the World Bank's Integrity vice Presidency (INT) alleged that L&T "engaged in fraudulent practices by submitting forged performance certificates with its bid".

December 2008 -
L&T was informed that the tender has been cancelled and the contract was awarded to another firm through a new bidding process.

I am not aware that anyone has filed a police case regarding this matter.
Media has not reported the name of officer, who was responsible for this,
Media has not reported what action L & T took on that officer who did this.

Reality is that in India majority companies do the same, and our laws are toothless nothing happens and corruption flourishes in India.

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Saturday, March 09, 2013

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Arti March 09, 2013  

This must be a big setback for such a big company! You can make the you tube video you were asking for sm using pictures from my Japan posts :) Thanks :)

DWei March 09, 2013  

I wonder if they'll be let off with a slap on the wrist in a few weeks.

rudraprayaga March 10, 2013  

What a pity!Corruption sounds the death knell of our progress!.

ra March 10, 2013  

corruption should be declared as our birth right!