15 March 2013

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Cobra Post HDFC Bank J. Bajaj, Branch Manager; N. Sharma, Faridabad, Haryana Case No 17

Cobra Post HDFC  Bank J. Bajaj, Branch Manager; N. Sharma, Faridabad, Haryana Case No 17

Bank Name – HDFC
Location -  Faridabad, Haryana
Name - J. Bajaj, Branch Manager; and N. Sharma

Cobra post reporter visits to HDFC bank Faridabad, Haryana and meets J. Bajaj, Branch Manager; and N. Sharma

Reporter tells them that he  wishes to invest Rs. 50 lakh of black money on behalf of a politician.

Then  they  assure the reporter that
We will manage it, Sir. Whatever you want to, we will manage it, no problem.
I look after only this kind of transaction.
I have many clients who have invested in cash.
You know businessmen have very little white money.
I have many customers in Loha Mandi market who have made cash investments),” said Sharma.
How will the huge sum of cash be managed?
Without even asking for a PAN card,
Sharma replies: We will route it through an account
Then reporter tells them that  in February they will get Rs. 5 to 7 Crore  so can he get the locker to keep the money?
Then female bank employee tells the reporter that
We have a big one locker, You will get it by February. You will get it by February, sure

Then, this woman employee takes the Cobrapost journalist to her superior, Branch Manager J. Bajaj.
Then once again Bajaj tells the reporter that
We are shifting to the main market in Sector 15. We will allot you a big locker there. There is no problem.

Reporter asks them will it become white become ones invested with bank?
They reply to the Reporter that
It will sure become white.
Do it through account, Normally, we do it through account so that when you get it upon maturity it is credited to your account only
Then reporter asks them whether any politician has invested
They reply that There are only few. Can’t disclose it, Sir. They have already put their money here. It is safe

Then reporter ask them politicians wife got the relatives in  UK and she would like to send them money in UK
Would the bank allow the transaction?

It would be routed through your account. We will do it by transferring the money in bits into the account. Don’t do it in one go.

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Friday, March 15, 2013

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