07 February 2013

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Murder 3 is remake of Spanish film La Cara Oculta in English The Hidden Face

Murder 3 is remake of Spanish film La Cara Oculta in English The Hidden Face

The Hidden Face in Spanish: La cara oculta is a 2011 Colombian thriller film directed by Andrés Baiz.

Murder 3 is a remake of Spanish film La Cara Oculta that is in English The Hidden Face.

Murder 3 is the third installment in the Murder series and is an official Bollywood remake of the Spanish thriller The Hidden Face. Murder 3 release date is confirmed as February 15, 2013.

The story Plot of Movie La Cara Oculta or The Hidden Face

Adrian (Quim Gutierrez), a young orchestra conductor, viewing a video of his girlfriend, Belen (Clara Lago) telling him she is leaving him.

Adrian becomes distraught. While drinking away his sorrows at a bar, he meets Fabiana (Martina Garcia) and they have a relationship where Fabiana moves into the house that Adrian was sharing with Belen.

Adrian becomes a suspect in the disappearance of Belen, however, the investigators can find no evidence of Adrian's involvement in Belen's disappearance.

It is revealed that the house is owned by a German lady who shows Belen a secret room built to hide her husband just in case someone came to look for him because he was a former Nazi SS officer.
The room is self-contained and sealed off from sound.

It is also shown that Belen, jealous of Adrian's relationship with one of his violinists, decided to pretend she is leaving him.

She creates the video saying she is leaving as she hides in the secret room.
The room has some one-way mirrors where she can observe Adrian's reaction.
When she decides he has had enough, she looks for the key and realizes she lost the key and is now trapped in the room with no way to contact Adrian.

Fabiana finds the key to the secret room, but she does not know what it is used for.
Fabiana eventually figures out that Belen is trapped in the house because Belen is able to communicate through tapping on the pipes in the secret room.
As Fabiana is ready to open the door, she pauses and decides not to rescue Belen because she might lose Adrian.

Fabiana struggles with her decision, but decides to open the door and check on Belen because she cannot get a response from her.
Also, one of the investigators gave Fabiana pictures of Adrian and the violinist and she herself feels the pangs of jealously.
As Fabiana is checking on Belen laying in a bed in the secret room,
Belen surprises Fabiana and knocks her out and leaves Fabiana locked in the room.
Belen decides to leave the house.
She leaves the key to the secret room on a bed for Adrian to find and leaves a picture of the two of them taped to the mirror that acts as the door to the secret room.
The final scene shows Belen sitting on the beach alone.

Storyline of the Movie Murder 3

fashion and wildlife photographer Vikram (Randeep Hooda) gets into a relationship with a waitress from a lounge, Nisha (Sara Loren).

She moves in with him in his palatial house outside of the city.

Vikram gets caught up in a  police investigation regarding his missing former girlfriend.

The old world house, made decades ago is as beautiful as scary it is.

It holds many secrets, which Nisha is soon to unearth; of the life of the man who made it and of Vikram, who is dealing with the mysterious disappearance of his former girlfriend Roshni

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